3 destinations to go to in 2022 in Europe and around the world!

Looking for where to go in 2022? In this article, we suggest 3 must-visit vacation destinations for this year. Whether you love hiking or pretty beaches, follow our guide so you don’t miss any of the trending destinations of 2022. Before we start our article, we wanna talk about the importance of social media like Instagram in traveling. Nowadays, more and more people are using Instagram to share their travel experiences with friends and family. For many travelers, Instagram has become an essential tool for planning and documenting their trips. So before you start your journey, buy Instagram likes and share your traveling highlights.

Destinations to go to in 2022 in Europe:

1: The Cyclades: You have probably already heard of the Cyclades. These are small Greek islands located in the Aegean Sea. The best known are Santorini and Mykonos, but each of them has its own charm. There, you will discover charming villages with whitewashed houses and many chapels with blue domes . (You know… like the ones you’ve seen pictured on Greek yogurts!). To date, several airlines serve the Cyclades islands from April to October . You can therefore get there by direct flights from many airports. Moreover, we regularly list good travel plans for Santorini . Moreover, after the month of November, Santorini and Mykonos are much less served. It will then be easier to make a stopover in Athens, in order to take another plane or a ferry to connect them. Once there, if you wish to visit several islands, several ferry companies will allow you to connect each island. 

2 Slovenia: Populated by only 2 million inhabitants, Slovenia is a small country located between Italy and Croatia. Still little known by tourists, it is a perfect destination if you are looking for where to go in 2022. Indeed, the country is full of grandiose landscapes, lakes, mountains and incredible greenery. If you are passionate about nature and hiking and don’t like visiting places overrun with tourists, then Slovenia will be a very good option for a trip in 2022!

3 Iceland: Iceland is surely one of the most beautiful countries in Europe to visit. Despite its location below the Arctic Circle, the country does not receive temperatures as cold as one might think. However, even if the climate in Iceland is still not ideal, the country is full of exceptional places to discover once in your life. Indeed, on site you will discover landscapes that you will rarely see elsewhere. On the program, geysers, volcanoes, aurora borealis, geothermal areas, waterfalls, glaciers, lava caves, hot springs…If you love nature and like to be out of place, then Iceland is the ideal destination to go to in 2022! 

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