5 imperative suggestions for choosing an auto accident attorney in Tucson

You were hurt in a car crash in Tucson and are now dealing with medical bills and income losses. If the accident happened because another driver was reckless or failed to exercise caution, you can file a claim with their insurer, according to the fault-based system in Arizona. However, the process is complex and hard to follow, especially for claimants who don’t understand the legalese. Your best bet is to engage a tucson auto accident attorney who can offer both support and guidance. Here are five suggestions that need your attention.

  1. Always start with their recent cases: Injury lawyers in Arizona often handle diverse types of cases, right from car accident claims to product defect-related injuries and medical malpractice. It would be best if you had someone who has been on similar cases and has a credible track record of winning big settlements.
  2. Go for the free consultation: You should always consider meeting the attorney personally, especially if you are in Tucson. Law firms don’t charge claimants for this consultation, but you get a chance to meet experienced lawyers and get a complete overview, including the expected settlement.
  3. Avoid promises and guarantees: Never trust an injury lawyer who promises an exact outcome for your auto accident claim. Lawyers can certainly investigate better, gather evidence, and negotiate on your behalf, but there is no way to predict how the case will progress. Ensure you don’t believe in “too good to be true” claims.
  4. Ask whether they have been to trials: You need to check whether the attorney has been to trials for auto accident cases. A significant number of such lawsuits are settled through negotiation between parties or insurance. However, you should be ready to take the matter to court when required.
  5. Consider communication & listening skills: When you visit an auto accident lawyer, you should consider whether they are empathetic and devote time to listen to you. Top attorneys ensure clients understand all details concerning Arizona laws and will not overstate details. Also, ask the lawyer how you can connect with them in the future.


Nothing compares to the trauma of an auto accident that wasn’t your fault. Fortunately, Arizona laws are in your favor, and as long as you build your case, you don’t have to suffer the financial losses. Find an attorney who will be your pillar of support and wouldn’t mind being tough and aggressive to get you a higher settlement, even when that means going to trial.

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