8day booker review

8day booker review

 8day is a new name in the betting market but has some remarkable characteristics that players will love. Despite the fact that this bookie has been released recently, it creates a great impact to players’ view due to eye-catching graphical interface. Moreover, the 8day website is filled with many quality game products and services that will satisfy every need of bettors. In short, 8day booker has received a lot of praise and positive feedback from players around the world.

It can be clearly seen that 8day betting flatform has successfully captured the needs and tastes of customers. In here, players can choose from a lot of high-reward betting types to play. No matter what the needs of you are, we will please you. This is a big advantage for 8day to grow and compete with older bookers.

In addition, the 8day game portal has also been licensed and certified as a legal online bookie. It is sponsored and managed by the famous international gambling organization PAGCOR. Therefore, players can be assured of the booker reputation in the market. When playing in here, players’ rights will be protected and supported immediately if any problem happens.

Operational motto

Right from the first days of establishment, the 8day booker has outlined a clear operating mottos for years. With the goal of bringing an exciting, quality and reputable betting platform for everyone, the 8day bookie always try their utmost to suit the tastes and needs of customers. We have grown gradually and will keep developing as well as innovating day by day.

Once determined to become one of the most prestigious professional international bookmakers in the market, 8day always upholds the motto: “It is better to lose money than to lose prestige. Honesty is always the foundation of life and ethics”. The main factor that creates the 8day brand is bringing to customers the fairest and safest online betting platform.

Why choose 8day

This must be the question of many players when searching the 8day bookie. In order to survive in this competitive market, 8day has been rentlessly developing and innovating the service quality. We have created a series of outstanding advantages with the goal of giving players the best gaming experience.

8day legalization

8day casino is a legally certified bookie operating since 2012 in Philippines. The services and products in here are operated and supervised by First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Joint Stock Company, a brand belonging to the Cagayan River Special Economic Zone – Philippines. Hence, all activities of the house must comply with the Philippine Government Betting Treaty. Players can be totally assured about the credibility and transparency of the booker.

Unique, modern interface

Beautiful interface is the main factor that makes a bookie look more attractive than others.

More than that, the interface is also one of the most important elements of a betting website because it helps to speak for the brand and identifying the booker’s uniqueness. Understanding this, 8day has invested in a methodical design of the website’s interface.

Players, when accessing the website, will be immediately impressed by the friendly design and outstanding colors of the interface. The combination of black and turquoise colors looks really eye-catching. This color combination is believed by many famous people that will create a source of good luck and pleasant energy for the players.

Besides, the website layout is also built perfectly. Categories are laid out and logically arranged in order to help players reduce the time of searching and adapting.

In particular, 8day has created professional technical cooperation with AG, CX, OG, BG, IBP, CQ9 and so on to jointly build a high-quality betting platform. We commit to constantly innovate and look for interesting ideas to give our customers the best experience possible.

Absolute security

8day is considered by the community as one of the safest, healthiest and fairest bookmakers for gamers. We own a system of absolute confidentiality and information security that applied many modern techniques in upgrading and protecting the players’ information.

When making deposits and withdrawals with 8day, players will be sent a confirmation message immediately. This helps limit the case of losing money if your account is hacked or scammed.

In addition, the booker also has its own technical department which specialize in controlling and dealing with the security issues may occur. If there is any chance of suspicious behavior, our technical department will detect and prevent it as soon as possible.

Stable operation

Although the booker only showed up in Vietnamese market from the end of 2021 with the name of 8day noel, the history of the booker is longer than we thought. Its parent company, 888b, has dominated the international market for many years before.

With the depth of experience accumulated in many different playgrounds, 8day promises to bring to players the best experience when betting in here. The simple and clear operational features make it become the perfect choice for bettors who looking for a trusty place to place their bets with peace of mind.

Fast transmission speed

All players when accessing the house are very satisfied with the quality of the Internet transmission here. The main server of the booker is equiped with fast Internet connection and stable transmission. Players can easily join the lobby at wherever and whenever they want without worrying about being annoyed by lag or delay.

A variety of betting games

8dayclub is also considered by the betting community to be one of the top bookmakers that bring players the most diverse gambling products and services. The games in here are synthesized from many different genres, giving you the freedom to experience whatever you can think of.

Not only that, 8day game also catches the current trends very well and quickly updating all the hottest game lines on the market. Therefore, the number and gameplay of the games here are also fresh and better than other places. It always raises the curiosity of gamers and attracts lots of them to continue to play.

Fast deposit and withdrawal

One of the features that make up the attraction of the 8day booker is its transaction speed. The house is equiped with a clear set of deposit and withdrawal policy. And, with just a few simple steps, players can easily deposit or withdraw money to their personal account. We have completely erased the complicated procedures or long long waiting time like in other bookies.

High quality customer care department

The customer care department of the 8day bookie in Vietnam is on of the most active and efficient. We always ready to serve players 24/7, including holidays with real staffs. We are here to ensure all player problems will be answered and supported in the fastest way.

The attitude of consultants is also professionally trained with the credo of being dedicated to helping all players. Besides, the house has many communication channels that makes it easy for players to ask questions and wait for the answers. You can refer to and choose the most suitable contact method for you such as:

  •       Contact directly via live chat frame
  •       Contact via Zalo: https://zalo.me/+639563420264
  •       Telegram: https://t.me/cskh8day
  •       Sype: live:.cid.e84e4d0c0e60b465
  •       Contact via Fanpage: http://m.me/8day2021
  •       Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/8day.club/


Above are the most detailed review about 8day, a very HOT online booker on the market today. We hope that you will have a better understand about our services, dignity as well as your outstanding advantages when playing in here. Please don’t hesitate to make your best choices with really relaxing and effective betting moments.

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