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PDF editors are the backbone of many businesses. Free PDF editor can save a lot of your time by managing legal and other documents. Sharing and receiving document formats that provide additional security to your documents is easy with this format. Obviously, other document formats don’t give you the lap of luxury to set passwords and restrictions to your documents.

As you know, PDFs can only be edited by PDF editors. You cannot manipulate PDFs without installing a PDF editor on your device. That’s why tools like UPDF solve all your PDF issues without needing additional software. Follow this guide to learn more about UPDF and its unique features.

Complete Introduction of UPDF

UPDF is an all-in-one freemium PDF editor that helps solve your document’s mess in a few clicks. Unlike other editors, UPDF comes with a variety of advanced features and tools that allows you to increase your productivity.

Key Features of UPDF

The features make UPDF stand out as a champion while competing with others. There is no other tool that enhances your reading and editing experience in your professional journey. Let’s look at the features to see how they work while managing PDF documents.

  1. Robust Editing Features

UPDF supports plentiful editing PDF features that help users to edit text (font, style, color), links, background color, etc. You can also apply watermarks to your whole PDF document so no one can steal your content. Add or edit the header and footer to your PDF to make your page design more attractive.

  • Edit Text: The great thing about UPDF is that it lets readers change the text properties to feel comfortable while reading. You can easily add or remove the text you desire and get a hold of the text properties such as font, style, color, alignment, etc.
  • Edit Image: UPDF gives you free hands to control your PDF pictures. You can quickly add new or edit existing images. You can rotate, crop, extract, replace, and resize images within the application. That’s one way to deal with the image editing problem without using an external image editor.
  • Edit Link: To add citations, users can add links to a webpage or a particular page within the PDF document. You can also style the links to look more prominent to readers or viewers.
  • Watermark: Watermark is one of the best features and provides extra protection to your content. It allows users to add three types of watermarks, i.e., text, image, and PDF files. While adding the watermark, you can set the ratio and opacity of the watermark.
  • Background Color: Like watermarks, you can set or change the back of your PDF pages. It also has three options: change the background color, insert a picture, or insert any PDF as a background. You can also set the opacity and ratio of the selected background.
  • Header & Footer: Add content in your title and footer within a few clicks, and you don’t have to adjust the page margins. UPDF has already set the page margin according to the PDF page standards.

  1. Advanced OCR Feature

How many free PDF editors have you seen with the feature like Optical Character Recognition features? Only the expensive ones have features like OCR. UPDF is one of the affordable ones giving advanced AI features. With the help of OCR, you can quickly scan non-editable files and turns them into editable ones.

The best thing about this feature is that it offers accurate results with the support of 38 languages. No matter what your document’s language is, it will recognize the text.

  1. Accurate PDF Conversion

Didn’t we tell you that UPDF also supports PDF conversion? Well, it’s not just a simple free PDF editor. It’s a PDF converter as well. UPDF brings you two different tools into one. Now, you won’t have to use various applications to convert PDF documents. You can convert PDF to your favorite office and other formats. It includes the following formats.

  • PDF to Office formats: Office formats are among the most demanding and globally used document formats. With UPDF, users can convert PDFs to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and CSV formats.
  • PDF to Image Formats: Users can also convert PDFs to different image formats, i.e., PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF.
  • PDF to Text: Do you want to convert your entire PDF into simple text? UPDF does support the text format. You can quickly turn your PDF into a simple text or RTF format.
  • PDF to HTML & XML: This format is heaven for programming geeks. Designers or developers can easily convert PDFs into HTML or XML formats.
  • PDF to PDF/A: If you want to preserve your content for a more extended period, convert your PDFs into PDF/A format.

  1. Powerful Annotation Feature

Readers can use annotation features to annotate PDFs with the help of different amazing markups. The markup tool includes the following features:

  • Comments: Readers can insert comments as additional information. They can use other markups to make the info prominent, such as highlighting or underlining text, strikeout text, and adding text boxes.
  • Stickers & Stamps: There are a collection of stamps and stickers that you use to add value to your content. You can even create your custom stamp and place it anywhere on the document.
  • Signatures: Need to add signatures to your document? In UPDF, you can draw hand-written or electronic signatures to your document.
  • Shapes: Shapes can be helpful while filling out PDF forms. Plenty of shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, lines, and arrows are available in UPDF.

Pros of UPDF

By now, you’ve already known the advantages of using UPDF. But there are a few more that you need to know:

  • UPDF has the best user interface compared to other PDF editors. Every feature/tool is perfectly placed. So, you won’t have to learn anything if you are using it for the first time.
  • Supports lightning-fast editing and document conversion.
  • The price tag is on the lower side compared to other tools, and a single purchase would let you use it on four different platforms.
  • Supports OCR technology to scan the images and convert them into editable PDFs.

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