Absolute Technical Strength: ForwardX Robotics

From concept design to innovation implementation, ForwardX Robotics, as a forward-looking company, insists that independent R&D and innovation capabilities are the driving force for the company’s long-term development. They have developed outstanding AMRs based on their core technology strength.

Whole industry chain integration

ForwardX has always kept the life cycle of AMRs in its hands by utilizing robotics, artificial intelligence, and other technologies, together with a perfect back-end service system. By creating a mature integrated production, research, and manufacturing model, ForwardX can provide highly intelligent robotic logistics solutions to various industries more efficiently and directly.

Mastering the core technology

ForwardX has always insisted on independent research and development of core technologies and complete manufacturing process control. ForwardX attaches great importance to intellectual property rights and has established a complete intellectual property management system and a sound intellectual property incentive mechanism. ForwardX is committed to creating a good intellectual property protection environment.

ForwardX in the world

ForwardX is committed to empowering new technologies for logistics, retail, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and other industries to drive digital transformation across the industry, thereby serving customers worldwide. ForwardX has established a sales network that can radiate to the United States, Japan, Korea, and other countries and regions and is actively expanding and laying out the global sales ecosystem. With deep technical capabilities and a good customer reputation, ForwardX has signed up with leading companies, including TCL, to provide them with trusted automation solutions.

Visit the official website of ForwardX for more information.

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