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Anhem888 (AE888) is an online facility of Venus Casino (base on Cambodia). This is the top service and fast growing online casino, which was officially registered and authorized in Costa Rica.

At Vietnam, AE888 is also known as anhem888, ae3888, ae888, ae888vn. Due to the strict rule of Vietnamese government, you may have to access to this bookmaker by other Internet links.

AE888 has the highest number of online players due to the best experience it could offer. So what are those?

  •       Intuitive, eye-catching and easy to use website.
  •       Convinient and low capacity phone application.
  •       Completely confidential for players’ information.
  •       Fast and easy deposit/withdraw procedure.
  •       Lots of promotion: the more you play, the more you earn
  •       Monthly and quarterly incentives for top players.
  •       The best customer service will solve all of your problems 24/7.

Abundant games at AE888

At AE88, we provide a lot of online betting games that will satisfied all fastidious customers. Some of them you may heard or loved are:

Football betting

In here, there are always a lot of attractive bets before each big and small football matches. Moreover,

we are also constantly updated with major tournament bets such as Euro, World Cup, Copa America,…. The best of football betting with AE888 is to make it easy for players to play and win, each match does not only have fixed bets. Instead of that, the house always has a running truss that jumps continuously according to the progress of the match. In addition, AE888 will continuously have articles about upcoming football matches for players to refer to. So stick with us and the match will be yours!

Other sports betting

Not just football sports bets, at the bookie AE888, there are also bets on other sports such as tennis, basketball, volleyball, Esport, boxing and so on. Please refer to the website immediately to play the prestigious house game with AE888 and choose the possible bet of your favorite sport. The game is all yours!

Online casino card games

Referring to AE888’s prestigious house game store, it is impossible to ignore the live Casino (online casino). Inside, there will be many types of card games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and so on which are designed with eye-catching interface, led by a cute voice female dealer. More than that, our online casino is combined with many platforms so player can play on their computer, laptop, phone or other smart devices. So wherever you go, you can also participate in our entertainment in your free time.

One type of game that is loved by the Gods is Baccarat. This is not just a type of card that depends on luck but requires a very sharp calculation mind. The prestigious casino game Baccarat currently has many attractive promotions right at anhem888. Discover together today!

Cockfighting online with us

In the past, when we gathered to play cockfighting, we had to be stalked and could easily be chased after. Today with AE888, playing live cockfighting has nothing to worry about. The classic cockfights such as: spur, iron, brood, bamboo, Peruvian, Asil chicken breeds will be held on Saturday, Sunday or in the time frame from 12am to 1pm for players to easily follow.

Online lottery

An easy-to-play game form that is easy to win back at AE888 is lottery gambling. At the AE888 house, there is a 2D lottery with a winning rate of 1 to 98, a 3D lottery with the winning rate of 1 to 970 and 4D of 1 to 9400 among the highest paying prizes in the market. Therefore, depositing and withdrawing bonuses is extremely quick and easy. Who knows, with the coming luck, you will quickly turn around after just a “dream”.

These are just some prominent games at AE888, more online betting are always open and waiting for you to discover. In addition, there are many other popular games such as exploding jars, shooting fish, slots…. that are currently serving different interests of many players. So what are you waiting for? Let’s enjoy online betting with us. There are currently attractive incentives for new players to top up the first floor. Sign up today, play the game all the way!

Our promotional programs

There are promotion programs of the AE888 house that are generally applicable to all players but there are special programs that apply only to specific subjects. So, please remember to read the rules carefully to receive the correct reward.

  • 38% new season bonus (applied for a two-month season)
  • 100% instant bonus on first deposit
  • Instant 50% bonus on second deposit
  • Top up 15% every day
  • Epic rewards for top 1 monthly top-up
  • Sports Cashback up to 0.9%
  • Weekend Sports Rebate of 0.88%
  • 50% Parlay bet refund
  • 0.25% Lottery Refund
  • Extra bonus for consecutive Baccarat wins
  • 0.6% Baccarat Rebate
  • 100% cashback for casual card game
  • 0.8% Slot Game Cashback
  • Promotion of lucky sports betting tickets
  • Refund of shooting fish up to 0.8%
  • Great birthday gift promotion
  • 0.25% cockfight refund
  • Bonus for consecutive cockfight wins

Is AE888 reputable?

What do you think is a reputable bookmaker? For some players, prestige means:

  • Must have a legal business registration
  • Have not been involved in any scam POTS
  • Fast deposit/withdrawal support

If that is the criteria of a reputable bookie, then AE888 is the playground you are looking for.

Firstly, the house AE888 is a registered business in accordance with the regulations of Costa Rica and is recognized by this agency as a prestigious – quality – transparent playground.

Secondly, AE888 also invests in customer information security policy and applies modern encryption technology for all transactions between players and the house. We commits to not give any information of players to any third party – including the Government.

Thirdly, AE888 is flexible in payment methods and linked with many banks. The deposit and withdrawal process at here is extremely simple and fast, requires no verification of information or providing other documents. The transaction will be done quickly about 10-30 minutes and up to 24 hours a day.

Final words

AE888 is created with the utmost purpose is giving fun and life changing opportunity to every player. Playing with us and all the rewards will be yours and yours only.

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