All About Regular Chimney Cleaning

What could beat spending cold winter nights in front of a fireplace? Most homeowners whose house has fireplace and chimneys think these two do not require upkeep. Contrary to that belief, regular chimney cleaning is important for your safety and for maintaining the quality of your chimney.

What is a chimney?

Basically, a chimney is a structural air circulation structure composed of masonry, soil, or steel that separates burning toxic exhaust gases or fumes produced by a heater, cooker, heating system, disposal facility, or fireplace from human living spaces.

If you are wondering why smoke does not cover your residence despite a lit indoor fireplace, it’s because of the chimney.

How much does the chimney installation cost?

The average chimney cap installation costs $300, with chimney cap replacement costs ranging from $125 to $1,000, depending on the material and size.

The installation may depend on your location and the labor cost in your area. The prices of materials during the time of your installation will also affect the overall cost.

In addition, the cost of a chimney cap can range from $25 for a prefabricated galvanized steel unit to $800 or more for a copper chimney cap.

What is the importance of regular chimney cleaning?

Chimneys play a vital role in your house, especially if you have a fireplace. It is necessary to clean your chimney regularly so they can be functional.

Here are the explanations of why you must keep your chimney clean:

  1. Cleaning your chimney can prevent fire from breaking inside and outside your house.

A chimney fire is a very dangerous event for your property, health, and neighborhood. Most chimney fires start due to creosote buildup. Creosote is a tacky substance made up of unburned gas vapors. It is flammable and rapidly expands when heated.

The more you burn wood, the more creosote accumulates in your chimney. Hence, it is not fire-resistant at all. Loud noises from the chimney, a buildup of smoke, and flames falling down into the fireplace are all signs of a chimney fire. If you see any of these signs, get out of your house and ask for help. You should not expect it to burn out on its own.

If you want to prevent these events at all, make sure to have your chimneys cleaned regularly.

  1. Cleaning your chimney can prevent further damage to your house.

Rainstorm water can seep into your home if the chimney is damaged, harming walls and causing mold growth. You should not allow molds to grow inside your or outside your house. They can cause allergies and invite insects that can do the same to your health.

Moisture can also harm the foundation of your house, making it vulnerable to corrosion. It may seem like a petty issue at first, but it can cause bigger damage eventually.

Furthermore, a thorough top to bottom chimney cleaning can help detect minor masonry problems before they become larger and more expensive chimney repairs.

  1. Cleaning your chimney can help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

The common sources of carbon monoxide inside the house are furnaces or boilers, fireplaces, both gas and wood burning, gas stoves, and ovens. Because carbon monoxide is both invisible and odorless, determining if levels are too high can be difficult.

When creosote, twigs, mud, and other debris accumulate in your chimney, it impairs its ability to properly release toxins and smoke from the fire, which can produce carbon monoxide inside the house. If not detected immediately, carbon monoxide can be fatal.

Ignoring your chimney may be dangerous, especially if they are used constantly. As a homeowner, make sure to hire a  chimney sweep Charleston homeowners trust.

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