APT Medical’s Microcatheter: Redefining Vascular Excellence

In the realm of vascular interventions, especially for complex PCI and CTO, microcatheter plays a pivotal role. APT Medical emerges as a beacon of excellence with its comprehensive product line and innovative products in the field of vascular intervention.


The Essential Role of microcatheter in Vascular Interventions

Microcatheters are indispensable in CTO PCI procedures, and APT Medical takes pride in offering a comprehensive portfolio. The Elong™ Microcatheter series, featuring specific models like the Straight Tip 1.7F, 1.9F, Tapered Tip 2.6F, and Dual Lumen 3.2F, stands testament to the company’s dedication to innovation.

Innovative Features for superior performance

The Elong™ microcatheters boast four layers braided structure for unparalleled guidewire support and device manipulation. PTFE inner layer reduces resistance during guidewire advance operations. The Elong™ series offers three options: 1.7F/1.9F straight tip, 2.6F tapered tip, and 3.2F dual lumen to meet different clinical needs. APT Medical’s products guarantee a seamless and efficient experience for healthcare professionals.

Empowering Healthcare Professionals Globally

As APT Medical extends its reach globally, the company’s dedication to empowering healthcare professionals is evident. The hydrophilic coating on the distal end, coupled with multi-radiopaque markers, ensures smooth delivery even in challenging anatomies. APT Medical’s commitment to providing superior medical devices at an affordable cost echoes through their microcatheters


In conclusion, APT Medical’s microcatheters are transforming vascular interventions by redefining the standards of excellence. Through their commitment to innovation and collaboration, APT Medical empowers healthcare professionals globally with their diverse range of microcatheters. The innovative features, such as the stainless steel mesh braided structure and hydrophilic coating, provide optimal support and smooth delivery even in challenging anatomies.

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