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CNC milling is a machining process that uses computer numerical control. This machine type is made up of computer-controlled devices that can turn each axis on and off individually to make 3D objects such as components or completed items. Learn about this technology and how it works!

What’s CNC milling?

CNC milling is a manufacturing method that involves machining components on a computer-controlled lathe or CNC machine. CNC milling has the advantage of producing more precise dimensional products over traditional machining procedures.

Threads, chamfers, grooves, and other features are among the many things milling is suitable for. This permits the creation of complex designs using a variety of milling methods such as face, angle, form, contour, gear, and milling.

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How Would It Collaborate?

The process begins with generating the component on a computer, followed by exporting it to a CNC machine and programming it to do the necessary movements. After setup, the machine will begin cutting components from the original design. The degree of software and design quality used to make the item influences how precisely the component is machined.

A variety of factors impact the accuracy and quality of the final product when using a CNC milling machine. First and foremost, CAD data accuracy is critical. This data must be precise enough to be supplied straight to the machine. Second, the quality of the cutting tool is critical. If the tool is faulty or not working correctly, your results will be substandard. Finally, excellent machining skills are required to create efficient tool paths on the computer and verify their operation.


CNC milling is used to create objects from a variety of materials. Machines that employ different cutting tools to make precise cuts in metal or other materials are included. If you are interested in custom CNC milling service, please contact AS PRECISION for more details.

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