Benefits Of A Foam Mattress

The most common type of mattress found in nursing homes is the foam one. They are versatile and can adapt to different settings while maintaining their pressure area care qualities. What is a foam mattress and how can it help your residents feel comfortable and well?

What Is A Mattress Made From Foam?

Foam mattresses are popular in hospitals, care homes, and private homes because they can provide pressure relief, support patients, and keep them comfortable throughout every bed movement. Foam mattresses are useful for profiling beds as they move with the bed sections. Foam mattresses can also be used to profile beds as they move with the bed sections. Foam mattresses can come in a range of configurations. They can be basic or designed with a layer of viscoelastic foam memory foam for extra comfort. Most foam mattresses have pressure relief and can be found with cuts or castellations in the foam. These features allow the foam to flex without compromising its internal architecture.

Foam mattresses have evolved to be more sophisticated over time, adding features like textured or cut upper surfaces, the density of foams, and memory foam layers. These features were added to make it easier for patients and residents to use the mattresses, despite their differing pressure areas, weights, and sizes.

This is why foam mattresses are gaining popularity among seniors:

Pressure And Pain Relief

We need pressure relief and support when we lie down or sleep for prolonged periods. Traditional mattresses can be problematic for users, ranging from pressure sores to negatively impacting circulation. We need to ensure that we have as much support as possible when we lie down or sleep for extended periods. Foam mattresses mold to the body of the person sleeping on them, unlike spring mattresses which can put pressure on their heads. This can improve the quality and mood of the sleeper by reducing inflammation and pressure ulcers.

The foam material distributes weight evenly across the Queen Mattress rather than concentrating it at certain pressure points. It provides support throughout the body with an even distribution. This is great for people who have joint or back problems.

Perfect For Beds That Can Be Adjusted

Hospitals and care homes are increasingly using adjustable profiling beds. Because of this, mattresses that fit on these beds must be flexible to allow them to conform to the movements of the bed. These mattresses are a great choice for adjustable beds, as they have the advantage of being flexible. This increases comfort and support for the user.

It Is Easy To Maintain And Requires Very Little Cleaning

You can protect the inner foam layer by taking care of your mattress cover. The covers for foam mattresses can be either two-way or four-way stretch. They are easy to clean and launder. The two-way and four-way stretch options reduce friction and shear on the skin when the resident is moved. This is particularly useful for elderly and sick people who are more vulnerable to skin damage and infections. It is easy to rotate foam mattresses because they are lightweight and require minimal care.

Durable And Long-Lasting

Foam mattresses are designed to last for years and be very resilient. According to the specifications, foam mattresses are designed to retain their shape and provide support for a specified number of years. If properly maintained and cleaned, the mattress’s cover expands to provide a durable surface. They have a long lifespan which is a major economic advantage for hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities.

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