10 Best Chargers for Commercial EV Charging

Are you looking for an EV charging point at your workplace, residence, or any other establishment? There are several online platforms available in the market that provide reliable and budget-friendly EV chargers. The use of electronic vehicles was not as much in the past but is increasing because of suggestions from environmentalists. 

Today we are here with about 10 best chargers that we can use for commercial ev charging. Electrly is one of the top working platforms among all that proves to be best for all EV owners. All the given mentioned EV chargers manufacturers are full-featured and provide the perfect charging experience.  

  1. ABB: A Helping Hand For EVs
  2. Electrly: Best Option For EV Owners
  3. Tesla: Best EV Chargers Manufacturer
  4. Beny: Get The Benefit Of Fast Charging
  5. Charging Point: Best Charging Option For Electric Vehicles
  6. EVBox: Effective Charging Station
  7. EVgo: Enjoy Compact Charging Services
  8. Webasto: Best Charging Solutions
  9. Hyundai: Enjoy Excellent Performance
  10. Schneider Electric: Get Unmatchable Services

1- ABB: A Helping Hand For EVs

When it comes to EV charging solutions,  ABB is the priority of EV owners. This platform provides a facility of DC as well as AC charging stations that can be used in commercial and residential areas. Their chargers are in great demand because of their scalability and reliability features. 

Key Features 

  • Their chargers have weather-resistant construction. 
  • Fast charging speed and high-power charging are provided by their chargers. 

2- Tesla: Best EV Chargers Manufacturer

We are going to discuss the biggest EV charging company in the market that offers perfect charging stations. Significant power output chargers are offered that can charge an electric vehicle as fast as possible. 

Key Features

  • They offer payment integration.
  • They are compatible with user authentication. 

3- Electrly: Best Option For EV Owners

Electrly is one of the professional EV charger manufacturers that has made its distinct position in the market of commercial EV charging in a very short time. All the chargers available on this platform have compatibility with several main EV brands like Tesla and Ford. Their chargers are listed among the most reliable and safe electric bus chargers. 

Key Features 

  • The EV business chargers available here have a warranty of 2 years.
  • You will be offered several significant discounts at the purchase of a large number of EV chargers. 
  • You will get a facility of EV chargers at a very affordable price and hence your budget will remain safe. 
  • You can even test your product with the help of MOQ policy and will receive one product to perform testing. 
  • As soon as you make your order, the delivery procedure will be faster than your expectations.  


In short, Electrly proves to be a blessing for EV owners to level up their charging game.

4- Beny: Get The Benefit Of Fast Charging


In the list of perfect working EV charging stations, Beny is at the top list. The chargers available on this platform can charge any brand’s electric vehicle in a very short time. They can be installed in outdoor as well as indoor environments because of having waterproof enclosures and well-mounted style.

Key Features

  • Their chargers can be installed in multiple charging units and offer scalability
  • They are also compatible with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant etc.

5- Charging Point: Best Charging Option For Electric Vehicles


Another United States-based EV charger manufacturer is Charging Point. This platform comes up with two options for electric vehicle owners: Express and Express Plus charging points. A diverse range of charging solutions are offered by this platform along with user authentication and access control features.

Key Features

  • Their chargers are compatible with different types of electric vehicles.
  • They have a feature of a user-friendly interface.

6- EVBox: Effective Charging Station


EVBox is listed among the perfect EV charging solutions that offer its customers a great variety of charging stations along with DC and Ac chargers. A seamless charging experience has been delivered to the EV owners and allows them to charge their vehicles quickly.

Key Features

  • Their chargers provide the convenience of plug-and-play options.
  • They are versatile and support several charging connectors.

7- EVgo: Enjoy Compact Charging Services

No matter which brand of electric vehicle you are using, EVgo charging stations will be perfect for you. The high-quality and efficient working chargers will successfully fulfil the need for your electric vehicle charging.

Key Features

  • Multiple charging modes are offered by their chargers
  • They can support several charging standards.

8- Webasto: Best Charging Solutions

This EV charger manufacturer also offers AC along with DC charging stations. Their chargers are manufactured having prominent key features like reliability, user-friendly design and best-quality products.

Key Features

  • Have high-speed charging capabilities
  • Support several EV brands buses

9- Hyundai: Enjoy Excellent Performance

To develop a perfect charging station for electric vehicles, Hyundai has offered its services along with a partnership with Kia. No matter what kind of electric vehicle you have, this charger station can provide you with the best charging experience.

Key Features

  • Their chargers have high power output.
  • Several connectivity features like Wi-fi and cellular connectivity are also offered.

10- Schneider Electric: Get Unmatchable Services

A divorce range of charging solutions for electric buses have been provided by Schneider Electric. These chargers are in great demand because of having smart connectivity and most importantly user-friendly interface that let all the EV owners enjoy their best charging experience.

Key Features

  • Their charges offer easy installation.
  • They have a compact design.


Q1: How can I Select the Best EV Charger For My Business?

It’s important to determine the charging needs of your business to make sure that the selected charger can work perfectly. You have to keep in mind some important factors like safety features, scalability, charging capacity, customizability, network connectivity etc.

Q2: Enlist the Protections Contained By Electrly Business Charges.

All the business charges by electrly have the latest protection features such as ingress, electrical as well as impact protection. Therefore it is always ensured that they can easily bear the potential risk and work perfectly.

Q3: Which Brand Is Consider Best For An EV Charger?

Although, every brand is putting in efforts to have a distinct position in the market. But Electrly has successfully gathered the trust of its customers and is providing the best charging experience to EV owners.


For meeting the charging needs of an electric vehicle in public as well as commercial settings commercial EV chargers are specially designed. These charges have prominent key features like durability and strength and are more full-featured than all the other available charges.

Before buying a particular commercial EV charger, it’s important to gather information about the top working charger manufacturers and choose the one that is not only reliable but also fulfils your needs.

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