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Are you looking for the best solar inverter supplier for your PV system, look no further. This blog contains a detailed list of solar inverter manufacturers to help you with your search. continue reading.

Of particular importance, solar inverters are part of a solar power system that converts direct current to electrical energy. Solar inverters typically last up to 12 years, and you may only need to replace the inverter at least once during the life of the solar panel. In this blog, we will provide an overview of the world’s top solar inverter manufacturers, while focusing on solar inverter components.

SAKO is a Chinese company that was established in 1997. It is a manufacturer that specializes in the research and development, sales, and service of high-quality power and solar products. It is also a well-known brand in the power industry, particularly in off-grid applications. Over 29 years of experience in the manufacture of solar inverters and lithium batteries.

Home inverters, solar inverters, solar panels, lithium ion battery packs, and energy storage solar systems are among SAKO’s main products. It is distinguished by the rapid introduction of new products as well as the provision of a comprehensive set of energy storage system solutions. Is a manufacturer of electronic appliances.

SAKO has evolved into a mass producer of solar panels for your solar system, as well as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar inverters. SAKO solar inverters are among the most widely used inverters in the world due to their comprehensive QA&QC system and strong R&D capabilities, with 3-5 new products introduced each year.


SAKO can accept OEM/ODM orders; if you want to be their partner or agent, please do not hesitate to contact them! Have faith in their ability to provide you with satisfactory service and high-quality products.

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