Daily Tarot Card Fortune Telling About Love, Career, and Destiny

According to Astrology, the deck of cards has points corresponding to a person’s destiny or personality.
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That’s why card reading is becoming a very popular trend. So what is the correct way to tell daily card readings about love, career, and career?

Here, along New88 Learn about the ways of divining cards – decks of cards are often used in fortune-tellingcard game with rewards hey!

What is card fortune telling?

Before we want to learn about playing cards, we need to know what a deck of cards is? You can see details in the summary articleMeaning of 52 cards ours.

This is a deck of cards calledExcellence dry flue, was born for the purpose of human entertainment.

The deck of cards has 54 cards, including 2 joker cards and the remaining 52 cards are cards that symbolize a certain meaning.

The deck of cards is formed by 4 suits: Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Diamonds symbolizing fire, earth, water and air.

Each card in the Poker deck represents a personality or destiny of a person.

Because the cards are very similar to the values ​​​​in Astrology, the deck of cards is often used to divination about destiny as well as problems occurring in human life.

What ways are there to tell fortune-telling?

Because there are two types of playing cards: 32-card playing cards and 52-card playing cards. So along with that, we have 2 ways of divining cards.

  • How to read 32 cards
  • How to read 52 cards

What is the traditional way of divining cards used to tell fortunes? Follow along below!

Western card divination is often used to predict what?

The deck of cards is the most popular deck of cards today, that’s why normal deck of cards is applied to many different forms of daily divination. And daily card reading is mainly applied in the following 3 aspects:

How to read love cards

This can be said to be a familiar form for those who believe in luck or destiny in love and apply this form to find answers for their current love relationships.

Fortune-telling love cards is very simple. We also use 52 cards for fortune-telling. Through those common cards, we can make choices as to the right solution in love.

If anyone has never tried it, we recommend you try it once, because this love fortune telling tool is really interesting. Each card contains a mystery about fate, destiny, as well as love… So why hesitate, try it now!
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How to tell fortune-telling cards about your career

In everyone’s life, everyone has to wonder or be curious about their career, right? So try once to apply the form of Western card fortune-telling to predict your career destiny in the future!

How to read cards about career and career helps us discover many aspects, know the future and career. Thereby helping us focus on thinking and organizing about the things we want to do in the future

This method of card reading brings a very high probability of accuracy, but sometimes the truth makes us worried and confused when we know it in advance.

How to read fortune telling cards

This is a way to predict destiny – Future – Career, giving viewers a feeling of suspense and confusion, not knowing if the truth will bring satisfaction? But this form, the admin added, is only for reference, so don’t rely too much on it to avoid affecting your health!

This form of card divination is of interest and application to many people, so it can be said that it is familiar. If you apply this form, draw 3 cards and turn them up to see the results for destiny – future – career.

So, let’s try to see what our future destiny is like. If you don’t know how to spread the cards, you can refer to our website!

Meaning of suits and numbers in a deck of cards

To be able to understand how to read cards, you need to know what their properties are. First, the suits of the cards will be divided into 4 groups, each group will have 13 cards from 2 to Ace.

For hearts, it would represent water, diamonds represent fire, diamonds represent earth and spades represent air.

Ace is beginning, 2 is balance, 3 is connection, 4 is stability, 5 is conflict, 6 is harmony, 7 is mystery, 8 is movement, 9 is growth, 10 is completion wall.

How to read cards with cards

  • Ace of Hearts: represents love and fulfillment. This card means that difficulties will pass and good things will come
  • K Co: represents a perfect man, knows how to calculate, is very fair and holy. This person’s actions were very warm and kind
  • Q: This is a good woman who cares and loves everyone. Can represent your mother in fortune telling.
  • J co: represents a good friend and confidant.
  • 10 muscles: brings good luck and fulfilled wishes
  • 9 muscles: are your ambitions and dreams. Everything is satisfactory for the fortune teller.
  • 8 muscles: are the unexpected things you encounter in life
  • 7 muscles: represents sentimental and sentimental people
  • 6 hearts: is a lucky card, you are cared for and worried by many people
  • 5 of hearts: the card is a bit bad, there are some enemies around you who want to harm you
  • 4 muscles: implies you need to make some changes in your life, maybe a house direction or a change in business to be successful.
  • 3 muscles: you need to be alert in love affairs
  • 2 chances: you have a very good job, your business partner is quite favorable

How to read cards with dragon cards

  • Ace of Dragons: represents success, fame, and wealth. However, you should be careful because money comes and goes like the wind
  • Kolon: symbolizes a generous and generous man
  • Q troi: is a poised, confident and talented girl
  • J loon: symbolizes a very strong guy, sometimes impulsive but very enthusiastic
  • 10 dragons: you are excellent in business. Need to expand more friendships
  • 9 dragons: this is an unexpected luck for you, maybe you will meet someone who loves you very rich.
  • 8 dragons: be careful with your woman, maybe jealousy between men and women will affect your career
  • 7 dragons: favorable in business but trouble in love
  • 6 dragons: in general you are quite successful
  • 5 dragons: you will meet new friends in life
  • 4 dragons: be careful with those who are flattering you
  • 3 dragons: you are quite normal in life, need changes in business
  • 2 cards: this is a bad card for you, be careful of others making up lies and saying bad things about you

How to read cards with spades

  • Ace of spades: you encounter many misfortunes in life, everything is very difficult for you
  • K of spades: represents a calculating and extremely ambitious man
  • Q of spades: is an unhappy woman
  • J Bich: An impulsive and angry guy
  • 9 of spades: be careful with accidents
  • 8 spades: there are many temptations around you, have the right opinion to overcome them
  • 7 spades: change yourself, sometimes obstacles come from your own thoughts
  • 6 spades: achieve some small achievements
  • 5 spades: you are a person without determination, or get discouraged and give up before difficulties
  • 4 spades: you are a person who has difficulty with money
  • 3 of spades: you need to take care of your feelings, don’t let them cool down and crack
  • 2 spades: you are a very loving and deep person, but be careful of being betrayed by love

How to read cards with diamonds

  • Ace of diamonds: a positive omen for career and money
  • K Ro: represents a man with great status, position and influence
  • Q checkered: symbolizes a noble woman
  • J Ro: is a jealous guy with some minor flaws
  • 10 diamonds: you are meeting someone who can help you financially
  • 9 of diamonds: need to change house direction or go here and there to change the atmosphere
  • 8 of diamonds: you are about to have a turning point in your career in a positive direction
  • 7 of diamonds: pay attention, you and your loved ones may have conflicts over money matters
  • 6 diamonds: In the near future, love will be separated and money will be difficult
  • 5 diamonds: a lucky card, your family will receive happy things
  • 4 of diamonds: you will meet a teacher who will guide you wisely
  • 3 of diamonds: be careful with legal issues.
  • 2 of diamonds: relationships with colleagues are quite good, but you also need to pay attention to the lies that affect you


Above is our entire review of the meaning of each card and a simple daily card reading about love, career, and fame that is easy to understand and accurate. Wishing you good luck and success in life.

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