Drawer File Cabinets: 5 Factors to Consider When Buying One

Without a doubt, having your own office makes you want to keep it neat and well-organized at all times. Not only does it help keep you looking professional but also makes you productive as it’s easier to find things and more. However, staying organized can be quite a challenge, especially when you’re stuck in a cramped space. Nevertheless, it can still be achieved with the right storage tools and one of which is the file cabinet.

Although many are trying to go the paperless route, it can’t be helped when there are important files, contracts, reports, and more that can be kept safe in a 2 drawer file cabinet. And while it’s true that such data can now be stored digitally, there are instances when having a hard copy of such documents is required. Hence, file cabinets are one of the many storage solutions to keep files secure and accessible.

What Is a File Cabinet?

To put it simply, a file or filing cabinet is a piece of furniture used mainly in keeping essential documents. Typically found in an office or home office, these furniture pieces have drawers and come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the number of documents and other paraphernalia to be kept stored and secured, people have different options of filing cabinets to choose from today.

When visiting local shops and browsing the available collections of online stores, you will notice different features such as handles, card label holders, and more that are not present in all cabinets. There are also cabinets built to be fireproof. Although heavier and more expensive, it’s perfect for those who want to keep their vital and confidential documents secure and safe from fire.

What Are the Benefits of Filing Cabinets?

Now, you may not be thoroughly convinced about the significance of having one or two filing cabinets in your office or home office. For individuals with large offices, the addition of a cabinet may not be too much of a problem. But those with limited spaces may be worried that adding a file cabinet can cramp up the space even more. That’s understandable, but there is no need to worry because it comes in a variety of sizes. It means you have more time to browse until you find the perfect one for your space.

  1. Helps you protect sensitive data

Regular cabinets may be available for storage purposes. But if you’re keeping confidential documents and you need to make sure to keep them away from prying eyes, then a locking filing cabinet is the answer. Now, you don’t have to worry that business data such as customer information, product ideas, business procedures, and more will fall into the hands of your competitors.

  1. Keeps all of your file organized and in one place

It cannot be emphasized anymore, but the file or filing cabinets do play a huge role in helping you keep your space looking professional and tidy today. Daily business operations run smoothly as everyone knows where to locate and file essential documents if needed. Another benefit of these cabinets is you don’t have to spend money on printer stands or dividers because the former can be used as such.

  1. Allows you to have better storage space

While your desk may have a cabinet where you can keep items, it can’t keep all of your documents. But with a 2 or more drawer file cabinet, you can store more than pieces of paper. Although a drawer file cabinet may look deceptively small, you will find that it has a large interior space enough to store and organize files accumulated throughout the years. With many options to select from, it’s up to you which cabinet to get.

What Are the Top Considerations When Purchasing Such Cabinets?

Are you now interested in getting one for your office? If you are, then it’s essential to know the various factors to be considered when purchasing a filing cabinet today.

  1. Price

If you’re on a tight budget, then the price of the cabinet should be one of the top factors to be taken into account when shopping. While there may be cheaper options available, you want to ensure it is durable enough to withstand daily use. Are there security features you want this piece of furniture to have? Should there be locks for every drawer? You can ask the salesperson or contact the online shop’s representative for such matters. Also, you should think about the delivery costs involved in the product purchase. There may be special deals or free delivery options for particular brands and models.

  1. Picking the right size

Another factor to be considered when picking cabinets is the size. While vertical cabinets have the appropriate size for standard paperwork and files, these may not have the right dimensions for your oversized documents. Hence, interested buyers should always keep in mind the type of documents they’d be keeping for a better idea of the type and size.

  1. Determine the number of drawers

Aside from the size, you will also see cabinets with one, two, or more drawers. While the standard options are one or two drawers, it still depends on the buyer’s needs. Small businesses may find it appropriate to only have filing cabinets with two drawers to keep their files organized at all times. However, many benefit from having more than two drawers as it allows them to have specific storage space and segregate particular files.

  1. Choose a cabinet with the right material

Today, you will find cabinets that are made of wicker, wood, and metal. Of the three, many prefer metal because it’s durable and some are built to be fireproof. It’s heavier though so you may want to reconsider if you’re the type who likes rearranging stuff. On the other hand, wood and wicker are perfect for those who like to keep it simple or have a hard time mixing and matching interior decors. Blending in naturally, you won’t go wrong with picking a wicker or wood storage solution for your office. They’re not fireproof, and that’s one more thing to consider.

  1. Additional Features

Does it have an anti-tilt mechanism that keeps your cabinet from easily toppling over? Does it have card label holders to make it easy for anyone to find files? What is its level of scratch resistance? Does it accommodate suspension files? It’s important to ask what features are available for each storage solution. It helps you make a decision on which one to get.

Key Takeaways

Are you searching for the perfect storage solution to add to your home or office space? Hopefully, you will find this article helpful as you start your shopping journey. Conduct research and ask the right questions, and you will soon find yourself taking home the right file cabinet!

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