Empower EV Charging with Luobinsen’s All-In-One DC Charger

In the dynamic landscape of electric vehicle (EV) ev charging solutions, Luobinsen introduces a groundbreaking innovation with its All-In-One DC Charger, boasting a powerful 120kW capacity. Categorized under the All-In-One Charger segment, this cutting-edge technology signifies a leap forward in efficient charging and comprehensive safety protection.

Advanced Central Control System

The All-In-One DC Charger features a state-of-the-art self-developed central control system, enhancing charging efficiency and providing unparalleled safety measures. With a wide voltage output range spanning from DC200 to 1000V, and a high power selection range of 60kW to 360kW, this charger caters to diverse needs, serving personal, commercial, fleet, and operator requirements. It supports GBT, CCS1, CCS2, and CHAdeMO multi-standard charging modes, ensuring compatibility with various EV models.

Intuitive HMI Interface

The 15.6-inch super big touch screen serves as the control hub, offering customers an intuitive charging experience. The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) not only streamlines the charging process but also provides advertising implantation options, presenting an opportunity for additional revenue for customers. Multi-language support ensures a user-friendly interface for customers around the world.

Multifunctional TCU and Central Controller

Equipped with a robust central controller and Telematics Control Unit (TCU), the All-In-One DC Charger stands out with its advanced features. Boasting 2GB of memory for faster data processing and local 5G hard drive capabilities, it maintains over 30,000 charging records and over 6 months of operation records. The system supports remote software upgrades and firmware versions, eliminating the need for on-site maintenance and ensuring an efficient and convenient user experience. Various network communication methods, including 100Mbps Ethernet port, WiFi, and 4G, enhance connectivity.

Robust Cabinet Design

The All-In-One DC Charger features a cabinet designed with aluminum and zinc-clad materials, ensuring mechanical strength with an IK10 rating. Its outdoor protection level of IP55 makes it resilient against external elements. The cabinet’s thoughtful design incorporates independent air ducts for left and right ventilation, ensuring adequate heat dissipation and maintaining optimal performance.


Luobinsen’s All-In-One DC Charger sets a new standard in EV charging solutions, combining innovation, efficiency, and safety to propel the electric mobility innovation forward. This comprehensive charging solution is poised to transform the EV charging experience for users worldwide.

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