Empowering Homes with Effective Energy Storage: VTCBATT

Empowering Homes with Effective Energy Storage: VTCBATT

The VTCBATT Vxl10000, a cutting-edge energy storage battery intended to transform residential power storage, is being introduced. This Rack Mount ESS Lifepo4 battery provides unmatched performance and dependability because to its cutting-edge lithium iron phosphate technology.

The VTCBATT Vxl10000 offers households a dependable and environmentally friendly energy option with its remarkable 10KWh capacity. The demands of many applications, including residential ESS, solar ESS, and solar off-grid backup systems, are met by its rated voltage of 51.2V, which guarantees excellent power delivery.

The outstanding cycle life of the VTCBATT Vxl10000 is one of its distinguishing qualities. This battery provides long-lasting and effective energy storage with over 6000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge (DOD). Homeowners may relax in the knowledge that their energy requirements will be dependable for many years to come.

The VTCBATT Vxl10000 has a 442*520*320mm size and was created with ease and storage in mind. Due to its rack mount architecture, it is simple to install and integrate into current power systems. This battery fits in with any household setting, whether it is placed on a wall or hidden in a utility room.

The energy storage sector associates the VTCBATT brand with excellence and innovation. VTCBATT, a company renowned for its dedication to quality, consistently pushes the limits of battery technology to guarantee that clients get the finest products possible.

Homeowners may take charge of their energy use, lessen reliance on the grid, and embrace a greener future by selecting the VTCBATT Vxl10000. With the help of this energy storage battery, solar energy can be used more effectively, allowing homes to make the most of their renewable energy sources and reduce their carbon footprint.

Purchasing the VTCBATT Vxl10000 is an investment in a more promising and sustainable future. Become one of the increasing numbers of homes that are benefiting from cutting-edge energy storage technologies. VTCBATT is available to empower your house so you may enjoy the independence and peace of mind that come with dependable power storage.

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