Exclusive 123B Promotion for All Official Members

promotion 123B is one of the hottest services at the house. Not only does it bring a huge number of programs, it also provides extremely attractive prizes. We will introduce a few hot events in the content below for players to refer to.

Some details about the 123B promotion at the bookmaker

Promotion is a customer service prepared by 123b pink for members. Promotional programs will have certain challenges for players to complete. If you fully meet the conditions set out by the organizers, the corresponding rewards will be quickly updated to your account.

Currently, this service is being exploited extremely strongly by bookmakers. Not only does it bring many opportunities but it also provides prizes up to billions of Vietnam Dong.

More specifically, the rules of each program khuyến mãi 123B are not difficult at all. The duration is also very long, as long as players participate they are sure to get rewards. Because it is so easy to facilitate, this customer service is always sought after by millions of members.

Small notes before participating in the prize promotion 123B

As you know, the entertainment website operator always creates the best possible conditions for bettors. However, people also need to keep in mind a few issues to successfully win incentives as follows:

  • Each program has a specific timeline. With the following announcement events, players should monitor regularly to avoid overdue prizes.
  • The challenges between incentive events are not the same. Members should read carefully to ensure they complete the bonus conditions in accordance with the original requirements.
  • Depending on the properties of each promotion 123B that everyone can participate to receive 1 or more times.
  • The account created at the house will be for independent service use. If players form groups to share and abuse incentives, the system will punish them according to regulations.
  • Bonuses received from promotional activities are different from betting. If you want to withdraw to your account, we require members to complete the conditions for number of betting rounds or betting turnover.
  • The content of the promotional program may be changed by the supplier without prior notice. Players should proactively visit the site and monitor regularly to protect their own rights.

Top  promotion 123B 2024 is definitely not to be missed

As introduced, the website is currently offering a huge store of promotions. We will immediately list briefly the requirements of each hot event below for new members to refer to.

Receive a gift of gratitude after completing the total bet

This is a promotion that has just begun to apply across the entire system on February 15, 2024. Rules are as follows:

  • Those who complete betting turnover at 2 milestones 258888K and 1388888K will receive a gift of gratitude from the house. At level 1, the reward is a high-class helmet. At level 2, the reward is a Sony brand Bluetooth speaker.
  • Programme promotion 123B will start calculating the player’s total bets within 1 month.
  • This event applies to all members, so anyone can participate as much as they like.

Lucky bet for slot lobby members

This program will be exclusively for members participating in slot game halls at the house. Depending on the value of the lucky bet you receive, the reward will be returned as follows:

  • Lucky bets with values ​​from 1 – 20K, reward levels are 58K – 158K – 288K – 888K – 1888K respectively.
  • Lucky slot bets with values ​​from 21 – 100K, promotion 123B will return rewards of 158K – 288K – 888K – 1888K – 3888K respectively.
  • Lucky bets with a value of over 100K, the rewards are 288K – 888K – 188K – 3888K – 8888K respectively.

Continuous winning and losing rewards for sports bettors

This sports promotion event always makes football bettors as well as other sports enthusiasts fascinated. Rules are as follows:

  • Players with winning or losing bets of 5 consecutive games or more will have the opportunity to touch the prize of 8888K. The amount of money you receive depends largely on the total capital you spend.
  • Programme promotion 123B This does not apply to 1×2 bets with odds under 1.5, handicaps under 0.7 and score bets.
  • For tie and canceled bets, the system will recalculate from the beginning.
  • Players are only allowed to participate in professional football tournament betting on the same lobby. The system refuses to accumulate total amounts from other lobbies.

In addition to 3 programs promotion 123B, the house also has many other attractive events. For example, happy birthday, over-level casino accumulation, sports refunds, sports top-ups, etc. Quickly register to become our official member to have full access to rewards and incentives. the most terrible.

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