Exploring EVB’s State-of-the-Art Electric Vehicle Charger Cable: A Detailed Examination

In the dynamic world of electric vehicles (EVs), EVB makes a significant stride with its Smart EV Charger Type 2. This charging station, designed to be wall-mounted, comes with an array of features such as DLB and Solar compatibility, an IP65 rating, and certifications from CE, UKCA, TUV, and CB. This blog post will thoroughly investigate the distinctive attributes of EVB’s EV charger cable cover, delving into its design, safety features, and user-friendly interface.

Innovative Safety Design for Optimal Protection

Central to EVB’s EV charger is its intelligent cable cover, intricately crafted to prioritize user safety. The system diligently monitors the electrical system, and in the event of a fault, it automatically disconnects all poles, including the earth conductor. This becomes particularly crucial when utilizing an EV charger equipped with PEN protection. The internal design incorporates a contactor to sever the ground, ensuring an immediate disconnection of key components (contactor kM1 and kM2) when the PEN line is compromised.

Core Emphasis on Efficiency

EVB’s dedication to efficiency is evident in its electric vehicle charger cable cover. Boasting a maximum output current of 32A and an efficiency rating of approximately 100%, users can enjoy rapid and reliable charging without compromising performance. The cable cover supports a length of 6 meters, with the added flexibility of customization for other lengths, catering to diverse installation requirements.


In conclusion, EVB’s Smart EV Charger Type 2 stands out in the realm of electric vehicle charging with its innovative cable cover design and array of user-centric features. The emphasis on safety is a standout highlight, with meticulous attention to detail in monitoring and automatic disconnection mechanisms to ensure user protection in case of electrical faults. The incorporation of cutting-edge safety features, such as handling weak leakage currents effectively, aligns with stringent safety standards, mitigating potential risks during charging.

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