Factors That Can Affect Hair Relaxer Lawsuit Settlements

Hair relaxer chemicals have been found to be the cause of reproductive organ cancer in many women who underwent hair treatment. Thousands of women injured by hair relaxer are filing lawsuits to get compensated for their losses. One of the most common questions victims ask lawyers is how much they can expect from the lawsuit. The truth is, even an attorney does not have the answer.

The amount of settlement you receive depends on various factors. Since each product liability claim is different, it is impossible to even create an estimate before reviewing the case. Contact an experienced hair relaxer lawsuit attorney to increase the chances of recovering the highest compensation possible.

Factors that can affect hair relaxer lawsuit settlements

  1. The type of injury.

The type of injury you sustain from the hair relaxer chemical is important. Some people suffer from scalp irritation and skin burn, while others suffer from conditions as serious as cancer. While skin burns can also be severe, cancer victims tend to attract more settlement amounts since the fatality rates are higher.

  1. The severity of the injury.

One of the biggest factors that can majorly affect the settlement amount is the severity of your injury. Depending on the severity, your doctor will lay out a treatment plan. The more intensive the treatment plan, the more money goes into the treatments. Intensive treatments usually include surgery or multiple surgeries, long-term treatment, future treatments, follow-ups, etc.

  1. Damages.

Your damages will determine your total settlement amount. The common damages in hair relaxer lawsuits include medical bills, loss of life, lost wages, loss of future earnings, loss of companion, pain and suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress, etc. However, you might be surprised by the number of damages the average public overlooks. This is why it is crucial to hire an attorney.

Additionally, it is not easy to calculate the noneconomic damages. There is no legal formula, and the amount varies from case to case.

  1. Evidence available.

The availability of evidence determines the settlement amount as well as the liability of the other party. The more evidence you have regarding your damages, the more money you can get. If there is insufficient evidence, you will likely receive an average amount. For example, if you cannot prove loss of future earnings, you won’t receive the damages.

These factors can vary depending on the circumstances of the case and the laws in your state. Consulting with an experienced attorney will allow you to have personalized insights into each factor and create an estimate of your potential settlement.

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