Fashion & Shoes PrestaShop Themes from template Trip

Fashion & Shoes PrestaShop Themes from template Trip

As per a website Statista about 29.5 % of retail fashion sales in the USA in 2020 happened online. There are many fashion websites available online.  They have flourished in their business because they decided to go online. Therefore, if you are a fashion products seller you can also scale up through fashion and shoes presta shop themes. It does not matter that you are a new business owner or have an old offline shop. Prestashop is the best platform for you to start and grow your business.

What is Prestashop?

Prestashop is an open source platform that is free to use. It is coded in PHP language.  It utilizes the MySQL database set. It assists merchants to make a website through their different high end features and themes. TemplateTrip also provides the best easy-to-use Prestashop paid and free themes.

How does Prestashop help vendors and sellers of products related to Fashion and Shoes?

A website can do business at all times. Therefore, it is inevitable for fashion and shoes related sellers to have a website and have some kind of online presence.

Prestashop can assist you with website creation through their themes. You do not need any coding experience for that. You can show off the magnificence of the various trending products to your clients. Potential customers can check the various features of the products and purchase from the website directly.

Prestashop not only assists you to take your business on the web but also gives you numerous other services. Their themes and templates are spot on. They are uptight and connect with your audience very well. There are many different themes and designs to choose from and you can pick a theme or layout which suits you.

Why use Fashion & Shoes PrestaShop Themes and Templates?

The next inquiry that you would have is what are the reasons to use Prestashop Theme and Templates. It would be a great idea to choose Prestashop over its different other theme and template providers online because of the following reasons:

1 Simpler usability

It is simpler to use than its rival template and theme providers. In many themes it is critical to have knowledge of the coding language to run an online ecommerce kind of website. However, you don’t require a high aptitude of coding language for Prestashop. Simple to use is a very important feature because fashion and shoe brands have a lot of products to upload on the website.

2. Financially savvy

It is more financially savvy in light of the fact that the majority of its themes are free. Even if there are some themes that are chargeable you can still get a demo version to check its efficiency and then buy those themes if you like them.

3. Light weight programming

The software is lightweight. This light weight component of Prestashop plays a major role to make your website position on search engines faster. Moreover, the lightweight feature is an add on for fashion and shoe brands because they have different product categories with products with different variations in it.

4. Works for stores of all sizes – small , medium and huge

Prestashop understands that one size doesn’t fit everybody. Hence, it provides an enormous  range of selection alternatives to browse from. You can pick the theme on the basis of the size of your business.

5. Multi cash currency highlight to sell internationally

This component of Prestashop permits website clients to pay in their preferred national currency. As such, this is an important feature because you can sell globally and cater to a bigger audience.

6. Quality assistance

Prestashop offers quality support right from website creation to SEO based help. The themes and templates come in both free form and premium ones. So you can initially attempt the free form and afterwards as your business increases you can purchase the exceptional ones.

Which are the top 5 Fashion and Shoes related PrestaShop Themes?

1.  BigMarket

2.  Atelier – Fashion, Style & Apparels

3.  Mode – Fashion Style & Apparels – Prestashop Responsive Theme

4.  Fashion Trend Monstera

5.  Mega Cell – Super Market Shop


The above themes are one of the best for sellers who want to have a unique clothing or shoe store.It has  amazing features like , effects and transitions, image zoom effect , video gallery, newsletter subscription pop up, that help your online shop standout.

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