Few Tips for Wigs: U-part, V-part, 360 wig

Few Tips for Wigs: U-part, V-part, 360 wig


  • U-part: Hairpiece with a U-piece in the front. The U has been left out as a shape.
  • V-Part: Works the same. These forms of hairpieces are currently super-known and therefore more accepted. It can be fixed permanently and semi-permanently with many options. This makes it look real and makes it a good replacement for a wig because it looks a lot like your own hair so you don’t have the feeling of a full wig/hair work.
  • 360 Wedge: This one is only on the sides, with a hair piece all around and nothing in the middle. You can also easily put your hair in a ponytail or put it up and wear it in any desired parting.

There is a lot of choice in the different types of wigs such as headband wig and others and their applications. There is a suitable solution for every hair problem.

Hat and hair (band): 

Experts put a piece of hair, a braid or beautiful curls on your hat or headband. They are available ready-made and we make them measure. You can have her attached to your own hat or beanie. It can be sewn on or attached with Velcro or a printing technique. The cheap wigs available in the market can save you a lot.
You don’t just choose a hairbrush.

There are several reasons to choose a certain hairbrush. The brushes we use at Extended Hair & Cosmetics take care of the hair, giving it shine and less frizz. They stimulate the scalp and can be used for all hair types. Combing is painless and you have fewer problems with tangles. You can just buy your brush in the salon.

Tip: Wigs/hairpieces

Wigs and hairpieces are actually the easiest and fastest way to give yourself a new look. An additional advantage is that your own hair and scalp suffer the least due to the minimal pressure exerted on your head. Today’s wigs are of such good quality that they are indistinguishable from your own hair. With practice, you can get so good at putting on your wig that you won’t notice you’re wearing one. It wears so light that it seems like you have nothing on your head. If you like variety, you can even own several wigs. If you want to know more about wigs and hairpieces, please feel free to contact us or view our many examples on social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

Extended Hair&Cosmetics offers the possibility to come to hospitals or healthcare organizations. Do you want this too? Feel free to contact an expert in the frontal wig. Make an appointment and then they come to your hospital or desired location. They are happy to come by to measure wigs or hairpieces and are happy to provide information about all possibilities. In the salon, they have a specially equipped and closed room to receive you discreetly. Here you can view and try their own range. If there is nothing for you, they can order the desired hairpiece, you are not obliged to purchase it. A custom-made hairpiece must be purchased.

Are wigs reimbursed by health insurance?

Yes, that’s possible. You can have your wig, hair piece or hair work reimbursed via Extended Hair & Cosmetics, provided you have a referral from your specialist. Always discuss this with the (custom) hair work specialists of the salon.

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