Frequently asked questions and promotional programs of W88

When new players learn about the W88 bet, they often ask the following questions. Our experts will answer to let you better understand this online entertainment playground.

1. Is the w88 bookmaker a scam?

Up to now, the bookie has had more than 20 years of operation in the Vietnamese betting market in particular and Asia in general. Every day, the house usually attracts hundreds of new members to join the world of trustful and exciting online entertainment. So with a transparent operation like this, do you believe in the chance of the bookmaker cheating and defrauding players?

Of course, the answer will be no, the bookmaker never cheats players for money and treat them in any awful ways. So, any information, or rumors saying that W88 is a scam is just baseless and inaccurate.

Sometimes, this happens because some players do not clearly know the betting rules at the bookie and make some confusing conclusions about us. This will lead to the situation of violating the regulations of the house and preventing them from withdrawing money or even worse, their gambling account will be locked forever. After that, the players became angry and accused the house of cheating money and scamming them.

That’s the story behind any rumors about us. Please do not judge or give any comment so quickly, let’s try our services by yourself and come back here later.

2. Is it possible to register multiple accounts at W88?

According to the bookie’s regulations, a member can only create one betting account and use only one personal information profile, one bank account, one personal email, and one phone number only. In case a player tries to open multiple betting accounts but with the same personal information, it is considered as an invalid act. Accounts that share this information will sooner or later be discovered by the bookie and the result is that members can no longer register an account later.

However, if you have permission from a friend or family member, you can still create two or more betting accounts. As long as the information of the two accounts is completely different, the bookmaker will accept it as two separated members. For example: the first account uses your personal information and the second account uses the information of your brother/sister/family member.

But, there is still a chance these accounts will be blocked if both accounts use the same IP address to access the playing platform. This is simple for the bookie system to detect that you are using multiple betting accounts. Therefore, your account is often verified and this affects the betting process and your playing experience. So, we still recommend each player to create only one playing account at the bookie.

3. What payment methods does W88 support?

Currently, the house is allowing players to pay through many different methods. They are:

Deposit methods via: Online transfer (Internet Banking), Quick Pay, Game Card, Zgold Pay, Phone card, Momo Pay, Deposit with USDT.

Methods of withdrawing money via: Phone scratch card, local bank account.

When players make their transactions through banking methods, they are ensured to have the most convenient feeling with us. And we recommend players choose banks that are supported by us as well. Thus, the payment transaction will be fast and free for all of you.

4. What currencies does W88 allow betting in?

Currently, the W88 house allows players to bet with many different currencies, including VND. Therefore, bettors are completely assured when using their own money to invest in betting at the house.

5. Is there a fee for the W88 deposit and withdrawal process?

Players can be assured that when depositing and withdrawing money at the W88 house, most of the transaction fees are free. There are only a few cases whereas the following transactions will be charged by the house:

Recharge via phone scratch card.

Deposits and withdrawals through a local bank, which is not supported by the house.

Most of the transaction fees will be deducted from the amount you deposit or withdraw to the bank. Thereby, players should choose the appropriate transaction method to ensure their money is intact.

Our most effective promotion programs

Of course, our numerous promotional programs will be presented to you. Let’s take a look at each one to see which one is ideal for you.

CSN05 – Weekly bonus of up to 800.000 VND

This award will be refreshed every Tuesday without the need for any further action on the part of the players. All you have to do is make a weekly deposit of at least 200.000 Vietnamese dongs and place a total bet of between 100.000.000 and 150.000.000 Vietnamese dong.

KN01 – The finest of our offers

This is where you’ll discover solutions to all of your issues with our support staff.

CSN01- Loss insurance up to 12.888.000 Vietnamese dong CSN01

Depending on your bet rate, this might range from 68.000 to 12.888.000 Vietnamese dong. This offer is only valid throughout the day, and you must participate in at least one round to qualify.

CSN02- Obtaining a reward of up to 588.000 Vietnamese dong

This award will be given to all old members who have played AG, WM, DG, BBIN, MX, PT, and other lobbies and have a winning or losing streak. Any match that ends in a draw or has a bet rate of less than 300 points will not be counted. You will receive 588.000 Vietnamese dong if you have a winning or losing streak of ten games.

CSN03- If you have a good hand, you’ll get a good payout.

Those who wager at least 200 points per round will receive a payout of 300.000 Vietnamese dong. Once a day, this will emerge. You must play at least 3 more rounds to withdraw the money.

CSN04- We appreciate challengers.

Players in the AG, WM, DG, MX, and PT lobbies are eligible for this promotion. The minimum wager is 300 points, and no ties or cancels are taken into account. When you strike Dragon or Tiger, you might win up to 2.300.000 Vietnamese dong.


W88 is the ideal opportunity for you to improve your life or just your perception of online amusement. Join us for a variety of games and bets from across the world. You will never be let down. It’s now or never to play!

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