from Greek sports betting to online casinos

Gambling: from Greek sports betting to online casinos

Egyptian hieroglyphs that show scenes similar to current board games and engravings and texts that document sports betting between Greeks and Romans show how this activity is as old as life itself, the word chance comes from the Arabic “az-zahr” which means “given”, Miguel de Cervantes already mentioned BlackJack in the sixteenth century, a card game that continues to be a literary and cinematographic reference.

Wishing each other luck when saying goodbye, or attributing personal successes or failures to good or bad luck, show a strong relationship between 22Bet betting odds Senegal gaming and society, which has evolved over the centuries to the new reality of online games, to the point that this 2020 it is essential to resort to specialized search engines to guide us among the multiplicity of Online Casinos in Spain, and to be able to compare offers of products and services.

Access to online games has allowed thousands of people to enjoy this leisure activity who until a few years ago, for economic or social reasons, were banned from going to high-society tourism centers where mythical casinos were located in Europe known through the movies, or to themed cities like Las Vegas, dedicated to gaming in North America.

Thousands of moviegoers will agree that on some occasions they identified with agent 007 when stepping on the carpet, blinking under the neon lights, or listening to the sound of the slot machines handing out a prize when he entered a famous casino on the Côte d’Azur to save to humanity because entering a casino is one of the most exciting experiences we can feel as adults.

Roulette has played a fundamental role in the history of the game, it continues to hold a special attraction and is, therefore, one of the most popular games in Spain, and also the one with the largest number of online players, because of current technology and 3D graphics can bring the excitement of casino games to our living room, creating hyper-realistic experiences never before experienced.

But above all, do not forget that casinos make their profits from our losses, and knowing how to stop in time has always been the key to success both in a physical casino and currently in online casinos, and to stop in time is necessary to establish the maximum amount of money we are willing to lose.

Fun and confinement: how the gaming industry has changed in recent months

The gaming industry, like all sectors, has had to quickly adapt to the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has created a new situation that seems likely to continue in the future.

For example, on the first Saturday of last December, the Ministry of Health of the Valencian Community issued a series of restrictions as an anti-COVID measure, such as the prohibition of the use of the bar or self-service in restaurants, including the use of recreational, gambling or gaming machines with or without a prize.

In this way, the use of slot machines was prohibited. But, according to the Superior Court of Justice, this resolution lacked justification, since it was not based on health data, suspending the measure on the prohibition of slot machines in bars at the end of the month.

However, this is just one example of the challenges the sector face in 2020.

Confinement and bookmakers

In the months of 2020, as a result of confinement, physical casinos and bookmakers also had to close, without this meaning an increase in online users. To this was added the cancellation of sporting events, whose bets plummeted. In addition, with the extension of the quarantine, the advertising of online casinos was also prohibited, a measure that hit this industry hard since new users are its growth engine.

For its part, the Parliament of the Canary Islands suspended the granting of licenses to new gaming houses and casinos, to which other communities such as the Balearic Islands, the Valencian Community, or Castilla la Mancha were added. However, in these last months of the pandemic, the activities of casinos, both physical and online, have been resumed, despite some new restrictions put into force by the Barcelona City Council.

Digitization and online casinos

The digital age had a great impact on many economic sectors, such as gaming, which have moved online to adapt to new changes. Online casinos in Spain are a great example of this. Every day they attract more clients from the younger groups, between 18 and 45 years old.

Monthly active users in Spain are close to 1.4 million. Of these, more than 30 percent opt ​​for online casinos, which are growing rapidly. This growth is so remarkable that more and more websites offer more casino games than sports betting.

These online casinos helped keep a lot of people entertained during the lockdown, with games like LeoVegas’ Dead or Alive and other slot variants. On sites like this, you can find various types of slot machines that, despite the difficulties of the sector, managed to continue and be visited by users.

Curiosities: when the online casino was born

The first online casino was born in Antigua and Barbuda in 1994. This country signed a Treaty by which it became the first jurisdiction in the world to introduce the regulation of online gambling. This favored the appearance of the first online casinos since gaming operators applied for official licenses to offer their services on their platforms.

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