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In the field of soccer betting, there are a variety of bet types for players to choose from, andHalf handicap handicap considered one of the most popular options. Let’s learn more deeply with New 88 and learn important experiences when analyzing odds in this article!

Introducing the concept of half-left handicap

This type of bet is quite similar to the Asian bet, intended to show the difference in strength between the two teams participating in a match. Here, the team that is considered stronger will have to handicap the opposing team by a number of points, commonly known as half a goal or half a goal. Players will name the handicap team as the underdog or home team, while the handicapped team is often called the underdog or away team.

To clarify how it applies, consider the following example: Suppose there is a match between team A and team B about to take place. The bookmaker will conduct an assessment and conclude that team A is stronger than team B. To add more excitement and drama to the match, the bookmaker decides to open a half-left handicap, which means team A will win. Handicap team B a number of points before the match starts.

How to read the half-left handicap correctly?

To understand and apply betting odds effectively, reading the odds simply and accurately is very important, specifically as follows:

  • Odds symbol: Before the match takes place, the house will show the strong team handicapping the weak team through the symbol 0.5.
  • Result type: This bet has only two results – win or lose and there is no draw.
  • Under bettor: If the under bettor and the underdog win the match, the player wins the bet. In case the match ends in a draw, the under bettor still wins. If the underdog loses, the underdog will lose their bet.
  • Over bettor: If the over bettor and the underdog win, the player will lose the bet. In case the match is a draw, the bettor above will losebet. If the underdog loses, the person who bet above will win.

Tips for playing the hottest half-handicap handicap in 2024

When participating in handicap betting, players can apply experiences and strategies from New88 experts to maximize their chances of winning:

  • Review rankings: Observe the rankings of teams on the rankings. If the home team is ranked higher than the away team, betting on the home team may be a reasonable choice.
  • Compare rankings: Compare the rankings of both teams. If the difference in rankings is not large and the away team has a half handicap, consider betting on the home team.
  • Find out information: Carefully research information related to the match such as lineup, performance, style of play and the difference between the two teams.
  • Neutral field: Matches taking place on neutral field often create fair conditions for both teams. Choosing a stronger team in this case can bring better results to the bet.
  • Home team advantage: The home team often has the advantage in matches. If the strength of the two teams is not much different, betting on the home team may be a safe choice.
  • Be careful with the odds: Be careful with the odds offered by the house and don’t let yourself be drawn in by the crowd without careful research.

What should you keep in mind when playing half-left handicap?

When participating in handicap betting, there are some points to keep in mind to optimize your betting experience as follows:
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  • Choose a reliable bookmaker: Choose reputable and reputable bookmakers, licensed to operate, such as New88. This ensures safety and transparency during the betting process.
  • Research betting techniques and reward rates: Master the type of half-left handicap, odds and related information. A deep understanding of these factors helps players make accurate betting decisions.
  • Determine the appropriate bet level: Make a decision on the bet level that is appropriate to your betting budget and personal knowledge. For beginners or those who are uncertain about the outcome, betting with small amounts helps minimize risk and protect the betting budget.
  • Choose knowledgeable matches: Choose matches that you have clear knowledge of, especially about the performance of the participating teams. This helps you have a comprehensive and accurate view of the match situation.
  • Don’t follow trends: Don’t follow the crowd’s trends but rely on research and personal knowledge to make betting decisions.


In summary, the above information is provided byNew88 The summary has provided an overview of the left half handicap, hoping that they will be useful for you when participating in soccer betting. To increase efficiency in betting, you can periodically follow news about soccer scores from tournaments on our website!

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