How Edan’s Hematology Analyzer Streamlines Veterinary Hematology Analysis with its Advanced Features

The H60 Vet, a veterinary hematology analyzer from Edan, transforms how complete blood counts (CBCs) are performed. The H60 Vet offers veterinary practitioners a thorough 5-part CBC differential result, providing important insights into animal health, thanks to its wide parameter range and sophisticated features. This sleek hematology analyzer, which was created with user comfort in mind, reduces the workload for veterinary professionals while offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface akin to a smartphone.

Comprehensive CBC Differential Result with Advanced Parameters

The H60 Vet offers a comprehensive CBC differential result, allowing veterinary professionals to analyze blood samples with precision and accuracy. With 31 parameters, including ALY (immature neutrophils) and LIC (large unstained cells) , the analyzer provides valuable information that can suggest a wider range of possible diseases or conditions. By capturing a detailed picture of an animal’s blood composition, veterinarians can make more informed diagnoses and tailor treatment plans accordingly, leading to enhanced patient care and outcomes.

Simplified Workflow and User-Friendly Design

Edan understands the importance of streamlining veterinary procedures, and the H60 Vet’s design reflects this commitment. The elegant and ergonomic design of the hematology analyzer not only enhances its visual appeal but also contributes to a simplified workflow. The Android-based system  provides a familiar user interface, akin to using a smartphone, making it easy for veterinary professionals to navigate through the various features and functionalities. This intuitive design minimizes the learning curve, allowing users to maximize their efficiency and focus on providing optimal veterinary care.


The Edan H60 Vet sets a new standard in veterinary hematology analysis, combining advanced features and a user-friendly design. Embrace the Edan H60 Vet and discover a new level of precision and convenience in veterinary hematology analysis, enhancing the quality of care for animals in need.

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