How Long Does It Take to Get Blood Test Results?

How Long Does It Take to Get Blood Test Results?

You Got to Hang in There

Of course, some people have difficulties at the very start. At 39, Alan McCarthy was a successful insurance executive, married and with a child on the way. Two months before his son’s birth, Alan’s father died of a heart attack. A year later, Alan’s total cholesterol level hit 264. “I was practically a clone of my father,” recalls Alan. “Same pants size, same shoe size, and same sky-high cholesterol” He worried that it would mean a quadruple bypass followed by premature death for him, too. Alan didn’t know which way to turn. Then fate, in the form of a co-worker, took a hand. His office buddy had succeeded on Atkins and believed it was particularly effective at reducing cholesterol. That was good enough for Alan.

But when he started Induction, sugar deprivation made him feel so lousy that, for the first two days, he thought he’d give up. Alan had always been a regular 300-grams-ofcarbs-a-day American. Bean burritos, ice cream and every sugary treat that came within reach of his fastmoving hands went down the gullet. “But then on the third and fourth days, my energy started ratcheting up to the same levels I used to have when I was younger and exercising regularly. I actually felt my metabolism increase; it was as if the furnace had been turned on. I lost 10 pounds in the first two weeks and by week four I’d dropped 15 pounds.”

Will You Go On?

This is a logical time for you to decide whether you will continue doing Atkins. I hope you will. Most people do so not only because they’re losing weight, but also because they feel so good. For many of you, especially if you’re over 40, the most significant revelation of controlled carbohydrate eating is the discovery that some nagging physical ills, from headaches to various aches and pains, have completely vanished.

The Pounds Won’t Move?

Though I’ve just emphasized the importance of measuring inches, I’d certainly also like to see you losing some weight. If you don’t seem to be losing on the program, turn immediately. Sometimes, very simple problems can get in the way of positive results. And simple problems usually mean simple solutions. Failure to lose weight doing Atkins is a rare phenomenon, and the odds are good that I can give you the ammunition you need to resolve your body’s resistance to weight loss.

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Success and Long-Term Satisfaction

The Atkins Nutritional Approach has four phases; moreover, it can be individualized for every person. The high-fat, deep-lipolysis Induction phase you’ve just experienced is the first and most carbohydrate-restrictive one. The vast majority of the time people spend doing Atkins is not spent in this first phase (after all, there’s a phase called Lifetime Maintenance, which speaks for itself).

The basic theme of any good nutritional approach is adaptability. With my help, you can easily map out your own, personalized plan within the Atkins approach. The next chapter addresses the next step: Do you continue Induction or move to the next phase? Either way, what is important is being comfortable, contented and healthy. I want you to feel at ease doing Atkins: physically well, satisfied, pleased with your daily menu, comfortable in your body, confident that this time you will succeed for the long term.


  • Induction lasts a minimum of fourteen days but can be safely followed much longer.
  • After two weeks doing Induction, most people begin to feel dramatically better.
  • Symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, aches and pains and general malaise are often related to excess weight and blood-sugar stress.


  • Have a small controlled carbohydrate snack high in fat or protein if you are hungry between meals.
  • Don’t include decaf coffee or tea or other beverages as part of your daily water intake.
  • Potassium, magnesium and calcium supplements will help prevent leg cramps.
  • Wait at least six weeks to repeat your blood work.

Last Word

Doing Atkins, you’ll find that you’re cleaning out a lot of metabolic garbage from your life, in addition to excess pounds and junk food. Many of my patients have discovered that instead of a weight loss program, this is for them a rejuvenation program. Now take the test, and see if I’m right!

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