How To Boost Your Business To A Higher Level With Smart PDAs

It’s no secret that the world has been on the cusp of a new technological era. The invention of mobile phones, tablets and cellphones brought these technologies to the forefront and made them accessible to everyone. Now, new technology is on the horizon – Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).

A quick introduction to PDAs

PDAs are handheld devices that allow you to access information and stay organized. PDA looks similar to a mobile phone but their applications are quite different. Handheld PDA terminal machine is much like the combination of a mobile barcode scanner, pos terminal machine and mobile card machine. It is mainly used in logistics, retail, finance, medical care, transportation and other industries. One of the functions of the PDA handheld terminal is to scan 1D or 2D barcodes but note that it is so much more than a barcode scanner.

How does a handheld PDA benefit your business?

No matter whether you are new in the business or have been struggling in the industry for many years,  Inventory management can be tricky for you. Inventory management is the process of tracking, managing, and maintaining an optimal inventory level. Each of these tasks was once manual, and the information was tracked by hand in paper spreadsheets. However, By tagging bar codes and labels containing category and department codes, now we can adopt handheld RFID readers, inventory management software and handheld devices that can track clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and related items on the move. Through RFID technology, operators can faster and more accurately carry out the stock count.

Recommendation on PDAs

DT50U RFID handheld reader is equipped with the patented professional code scanning module. The equipment can read mainstream one-dimensional, two-dimensional, defaced, old, worn, and other abnormal codes. In addition, the handheld reader is supplemented with RFID technology, which is able to scan for multiple items up to 20 meters distance. With a millisecond-level scanning response, the device is suitable for various scenarios such as clothing wholesale and warehouse management. The handle is ergonomically designed, and together with a low power consumption setup, it can support workers for 2 hours of uninterrupted scanning. Ultimately, UROVO DT50U mobile computer is the best personal assistant for operators in the retail industry.

If you are confused by complicated inventory management, Just go to UROVO, which will supply the most satisfactory solutions to you.

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