How to Get Rid Of Bad Smells Inside Your Luggage

How to Get Rid Of Bad Smells Inside Your Luggage

The majority of people don’t like packing because it involves arranging all the personal items that you would need for a trip and making them fit into your luggage. Between trips, there is the likelihood that the luggage will have acquired some pungent smell and this makes you wonder how you can get rid of that smell. There are several methods that you can use to get rid of the bad smell that is inside your luggage.

What causes a bad smell inside luggage?

The blame can be directed at several things and among them are mold, mildew, and bacteria. All these microbes multiply when the conditions for their multiplication are ripe. They love growing in places that are both dark and with moisture. This means that suitcases that have been kept in the garage, attic, and basement make it possible for bacteria and molds to grow, and this automatically leads to horrid smells.

Tips to help you eliminate nasty odors

To remove those nasty odors from your travel bags, you need to have the best odor repelants for luggages. Here below are some of the options that can help you to deal with unpleasant luggage odor and ensure that your luggage smells nice and fresh.

1. Sprinkle cat litter inside the suitcase

For those who have cats in their home, cat litter is among the best free remover of bad smells from suitcases. Put the cat litter inside the suitcase and let it stay there for two or three days. There are several brand formulations out there, and it’s best when you go for an option that has amazing odor-fighting abilities.

2. Put the suitcase under direct sun

The ultraviolet ray that originates from the sun has antimicrobial properties. This ensures that the microbes that are responsible for the smell are killed, and this puts an end to the horrible sound. If you leave your travel bag in direct sunlight for up to 8 hours, the smell will be fully gone.

3. Spay the bag using diluted vodka

Anytime you have an unpleasant smell coming out of your luggage, spraying the inside part of your bag with diluted vodka helps to get rid of the bad odor. To do this, you combine water and vodka in equal ratios and put them inside the spray bottle. Spray inside the bag and let it stay there for some time before you start putting your personal effects inside there.

4. Sprinkle baking soda

Sprinkling baking soda inside the luggage is another effective technique of removing the smell from inside your luggage.  Baking soda is cheap and is available in almost every kitchen. This powerful deodorizer works perfectly well, but you need to ensure that you vacuum the bag the next day so as to remove the baking soda.

Let’s wrap it up

There are many methods that you can use to remove bad odor from your luggage. The ways that we have discussed above are some of the simplest, affordable, and can be implemented by anyone. However, there are other products that you can buy, which can help you to remove the pungent smell from your luggage.

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