How to Place a Round Robin Bet: A Complete Guide

Round-robin betting is a great strategy to minimize your losses without drastically reducing your potential winnings.

While the rewards for betting on a round robin are lower than for a single big parlay, you don’t have to worry about your parlay failing if you predict the wrong outcome of one event.

Round-robin betting is an excellent way to reduce your losses and increase your potential profit. Consider the circular system as a safety net, which, like accumulators, can bring significant rewards.

Ekbet sportsbook players often use this method in popular sports events and matches.

Round Betting Principles

You must land at least three unique accumulators with at least three different lines to bet on the round-robin. Although the maximum bet is not limited, users of the Ekbet betting exchange often choose eight.

Round-robin betting allows you to develop a safer game where you can win even if one of your bets doesn’t work.

Instead of creating an accumulator in which all three events must be successful in order to receive a payout, you must make three separate pairs for two teams.

Risk reduction is a serious advantage of this betting over others. But of course, this way of playing has some drawbacks.

Pros of round bets:

  • It opens up a new way to win at your favorite sport.
  • Opportunity to earn large sums of money
  • Even if some of your picks don’t win, you can still make a profit
  • You can place bets using a special program

Cons of round betting:

  • It is pretty difficult for beginners to understand such a betting system
  • Not many bookmakers offer high-quality software for generating round bets

In any case, for those who are looking for new sensations, it is best to use proven sites with high-quality software equipment. 

How to make a round bet

To place a bet, select the appropriate lines and use the Round Robin option. After that, decide how many different ways you will wager – the number of stages in your parlay.

Then the size of the bet is specified. Then the bookmaker will automatically generate the necessary parameters for setting a round bet, which will allow players to analyze the possible amount of winnings and make the final choice.

How to make a round bet:

  1. Go to a betting platform
  2. Decide how many parlays you want to include in your bet
  3. Select the matches from which you will make your parlays
  4. Select the function of the rotary system
  5. Wait for the generation of accumulators using the software
  6. Determine your base rate
  7. Place your bet

If you create a round bet with three lines, it’s pretty simple. However, if you create a round bet on eight different lines with a five-way accumulator, you will need to create 56 different accumulators. Therefore, players need to be extremely careful when creating such bets.

And most importantly, choose a bookmaker with high-quality software from the best developers, which provides the best service and the highest quality equipment for playing.

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