How to Properly Clean a Deck

The proper way to clean a deck should be done using the correct equipment and chemicals. Several methods can be used to clean a deck, such as a scouring pad or brush, an oxygen bleach solution, and a homemade deck cleaner. Use protective gear when using these cleaning products, and avoid mixing them with other substances.

Using a Brush

Using a brush is a good option if you want to save time and effort when cleaning your deck. You can use a push broom or long-handled brush with stiff bristles to scrub the surface. Begin at one end and work your way across the deck. When finished, rinse the deck thoroughly with a garden hose. Depending on the level of grime, you may not need a pressure washer.

To clean the painted surface of your deck, you can use a combination of dish soap and laundry detergent. Avoid using vinegar or other harsh chemicals, as these can eat away the paint. Another option is to use oxygen bleach, which is gentler and safer for the environment than chlorine bleach. It can also be mixed with dish soap. Just be sure to test the solution in an inconspicuous area to ensure it does not damage the deck.

Using a Scouring Pad

Using a scouring pad for your deck cleaning efforts is easy to clean your outdoor surfaces. These pads are typically color-coded for specific purposes. For instance, red pads are ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces, while blue or green pads are for deep scrubbing. If you use a scouring pad on a composite deck, you should avoid using abrasive cleaners.

Using an Oxygen Bleach Solution

Using an oxygen bleach solution for Deck Cleaning Charleston SC can effectively remove algae and mold from your deck. This solution will break down the substances that cause mold and mildew. It will not harm trees or landscaping. However, it is best to wear goggles and old clothing while working on your deck. You will also need a hand-pump sprayer.

Using a Homemade Deck Cleaner

Using a homemade deck cleaner is an inexpensive and effective way to clean your deck. A DIY deck cleaner will remove grime and oily stains from your deck. It is important to remember to use a good quality deck cleaner and always to be sure to ventilate the area before using it.

Using a Brightener

When you clean your deck with a brightener, you can restore the wood’s natural color and glow. This product can be used on pressure-treated lumber, cedar, redwood, and composite wood. However, it is essential to keep the pH level of the wood under control. Bleach can change the pH of the wood. Bleach will only lighten lighter boards and will not change the color of darker ones.

Using a Pressure Washer

Before using a pressure washer for deck cleaning, it is essential to follow some simple guidelines. For starters, it is important to pre-treat the deck by using a solution of water and soap before applying the pressure washer. It would help if you also protected the surrounding area. Hold the nozzle at least 12 inches from the deck surface. The best way to pressure wash wood is to use even strokes and work with the grain of the wood. Avoid leaving patches of water on the deck surface, as this may damage the wood.

The spray from a pressure washer can knock loose small rocks, pebbles, and dirt from a deck surface. Make sure to protect any objects from the spray using a drop cloth. This will minimize splashing and prevent flying debris. When using a pressure washer for deck cleaning, it is essential to attach a spray nozzle. This will help you determine the angle of the spray and how much water pressure the cleaner is applying. Many spray nozzles have color-coded tips to indicate their angle and water pressure. Generally, white directions spray 40 degrees of water, while black tips spray 60 degrees.

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