How to Survive Humid Weather Comfortably
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How to Survive Humid Weather Comfortably

 A lot of places in the world can be quite humid. Humidity increases with the increase in moisture or water vapour in the air. This humidity makes people sweat which feels extremely uncomfortable and clammy all the time. It can be quite annoying and frustrating to live in such a place. People are constantly looking for ways to combat humidity. Here are some changes you can make around the house to help with the extreme humid climate.

  • Windows- 

Your house needs to be aerated constantly in humidity. Closed spaces increase the already high amount of moisture in the air. Try to keep all the windows open after sunset. Keeping the windows open to let in the heat of the sun would be counterproductive but evenings and night will be beneficial. If you have windows on two different sides of the room, it will be better to keep them both open as long as possible. This creates a cross breeze that relieves a ton of humidity from rooms. If you find there is no breeze and nothing helps, you can always get cooler on rent in kolkata.

  • Floors-

There are certain rules you should follow for flooring while living in a humid area. Any type of rugging or carpeting on the floor absorbs the moisture in the air, increasing the humidity in the room. In such areas, it is better to have stone flooring. Stone repels moisture and also has a natural cooling effect that can help in a hot climate. Similar effects can also be achieved with ceramic or tile flooring. Looking for places with such flooring in place will make your stay much better.  

  • Ceilings- 

This tip works for people who are constructing their new home or are looking for new places to live. If you live in a humid place, try to look for places with high ceilings. This also helps in better air circulation throughout the rooms. Shorter ceilings cage-in a space, not letting air move around properly. The moisture settles in such a space increasing the discomfort that accompanies humidity so closely. If you don’t have any other options, you should get a cooler on rent in Kolkata.

  • Dehumidifier-

If none of the natural tips work, you can always find appliances that will provide the solutions you require. It is very easy to get air purifier on rent which comes with dehumidifiers. They are portable and there are many sizes available. You should choose the one depending on the area it will cover since each are of different units and watts. Dehumidifiers are of great help in a moisture-ridden atmosphere and with their various features, they are worth it. 

  • Clothes-

How you dry clothes is important when it is humid. It is better if you don’t use dryers or hand them inside the house. The best way is to hang them outside on the terrace or balcony. Do so while the sun is shining because drying clothes might be difficult otherwise. 

Humid weather feels terrible but with these tips, it might become a little more tolerable.

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