How to use Instagram stories in your marketing campaign?

In the present times, the use of Instagram has become so common. The number of Instagram users is more than 500 million people in the World. Therefore it’s an effective way to attract customers with the help of Instagram and its provided facilities. The users keep a keen eye on the products that they get to see on Instagram and even visit the links to get the product after being impressed with the ways they show it in the stories. 

It’s a boon for marketing agencies to advertise their products virtually without even paying a large sum. 

In this section, you will learn how to use Instagram Stories in your marketing campaign. 

Ways of using Instagram Stories:

Instagram Stories are present at the top of the Instagram app. They tend to delete automatically after 24 hours. They also have attractive stickers and filters that help make your content more impressive. 

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are small features provided by Instagram but they are of great importance. While making reels or posting stories one may ignore hashtags but they are not meant to be ignored. Hashtags can increase the reach of your stories to the next level as they make it easy for the non-following audience to discover your page.

Using hashtags on your stories containing marketing content can make people eager about your products as it attracts a large audience to your page.

Use Captions

Through the recent data by Instagram, it was discovered that 60% of people watch Instagram stories with sounds on, meaning 40% of the audience watch them without sound. There can be several reasons for that, but if your stories contain most of the facts about your products in the form of sound, then they will be ignored by 40% of the people.

To avoid this, you can add captions in your stories as they will flash directly and make people eager to read them. Adding captions is not a hard task and does not consume much time, and can provide you with large benefits.

Use Questions, polls, and links

Instagram is not just a platform for communication it provides you with several interesting and fun features which you can use effectively for your marketing campaigns. 

Instagram gives you some features like asking questions; you can add questions like quizzes or personal info to attract people and increase the engagement rate on your stories.

Using polls, you can know what people prefer and are interested in; this can be of great help if you want to improve your products for customer satisfaction. These features can be effectively used for your marketing campaigns.

Define your brand’s visual identity:

You need to make attractive visuals so that your story becomes attractive and your products look more shoppable. 

Consistent visuals help grow your relationship with the customers: they should understand your style without having to check your username.

Using colors, fonts, gifs, and Instagram Stories templates is a great idea. A style guide can help in making a good place to track all your design decisions. If you don’t have a design you can use stories-focused design apps, where you can get enough designs to help you out. 

CTA is important:

Just like other good marketing creatives, your Instagram Stories should have a clear call to action. 

Commonly “Swipe-up” is considered a good CTA, but it can be made even better. For example, the Matt and Nat ad helps in specifying “Swipe up to shop.”

While running Instagram Stories ads, you can choose to interchange Swipe Up with more specific text like Shop now or get one for you. Changing to something new and unique can prove to be very effective as it will attract more and more audiences to your business page and will help you to increase your engagement rate more conveniently.

You can also schedule stories in advance:

Consistency in posting Stories is a good way to keep your customers engaged, But sometimes it can even become disturbing while you are engaged in a busy schedule of work in the house, office, or any other area. 

Fortunately, the feature of scheduling your Stories allows you to fix your story in advance using the Hootsuite scheduler. Then you can work your Stories at any time into your social media posting schedule so they complement your other social posts and integrate efficiently into any ongoing campaigns.


Instagram helps you with options like reach, video views, traffic, conversions, app installs, and brand awareness. It helps to improve brand visibility, increase brand transparency, reach more people, and also helps in getting feedback for new products. Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to engage in business activities. You can directly visit the website or purchase after viewing an Instagram ad. 

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