Illuminate Your Stage with Light Sky’s F230II LED Stage Lighting Solution

Light Sky presents the  LED stage lighting solution-F230II, an exceptional beam moving head light designed to elevate your stage lighting experience. With its advanced features, superior performance, and affordability, this compact powerhouse is the perfect choice for DJs and stage lighting enthusiasts.

A Brilliant Light Source

The F230II boasts a powerful 230W Osram Sirius lamp, providing a uniform and brilliant light spot. With an inner lens diameter of φ145mm, this beam moving head ensures that the light projection is consistent and visually stunning. Whether you’re lighting up a small club or a large concert venue, the F230II delivers impressive performance that captivates audiences.

Dynamic Visual Effects

Light Sky’s F230II offers a range of exciting visual effects to enhance your stage lighting setup. Equipped with 8 prism, 16 double prism, and prism combination options, this lighting solution allows you to create mesmerizing beam patterns and captivating light shows. With a beam angle of 2.5° and adjustable strobe settings, you have complete control over the intensity and speed of the lighting effects, adding depth and energy to your performances.

Convenient Control and Easy Installation

Designed with user convenience in mind, the F230II features a backlit LCD screen that remains visible even under bright sunlight, ensuring easy access to settings and information. The fixture comes with a unique USB software upgrading system, allowing for hassle-free updates to keep your lighting solution up to date. With its compact size, the F230II is easily installable using the clamp system provided, making setup quick and effortless.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Light Sky understands the importance of versatility in stage lighting solutions. The F230II supports DMX512 and RDM control protocols, providing seamless integration into your existing lighting setup. With multiple channel modes to choose from, including 14CH, 16CH, and 16PLUS, you have the flexibility to control the lighting effects precisely according to your preferences.


Light Sky’s F230II LED stage lighting solution is a game-changer for DJs and stage lighting enthusiasts. With its powerful light source, dynamic visual effects, convenient control options, and durable design, the F230II empowers you to create breathtaking stage lighting displays that leave a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you’re a professional DJ or an event organizer, the F230II is the perfect choice to take your stage lighting to new heights.

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