Important Tips to Help Get the Most Out of Your 21-Day Program

Important Tips to Help Get the Most Out of Your 21-Day Program

Core Strength Vinnitsa Yoga

I’ve spent the last two decades studying with some of the best yoga and anatomy experts there are, formulating a style—Core Strength Vinnitsa Yoga— that contains the most cutting-edge alignment and holistic anatomy instructions, which you won’t find anywhere else. Whatever type of yoga you do now, you can benefit from this style, which will both complement and enhance your current style. Just know that if you want to be strong, be safe, and get more benefits, you’ll have to move differently than you may have been previously taught in old-school trainings. This is your new school yoga evolution! Every day you’ll get a new, creative mini-flow to add to your daily Yoga Body Warm-Up, Core Sun Salutation, and Cool down to keep you building lean muscle, burning fat, and gaining more flexibility.

Daily Action Adventures

What will make the difference between this being the most body-mind-liferocking book you ever bought and just another block of paper that sits on your shelf making your dinner guests think you’re all spiritual and stuff? Busting a move. You can’t sit on your leister and expect things to change. You have to do something differently, in the direction of your goals. So when you read my action step for the day, or when it comes to actually buying and making great meals for yourself or getting your asana up off the couch and onto that mat, it’s up to you to muster the drive to make a shift. I worked hard to make the Action Adventures both fun and super-duper easy for you; however, they are each included on purpose—to flick your Bic in a deep way and light up the foundational core strength that is built only when you take self-empowering actions.

For example, you’re not just making a bath cocktail sachet and tossing it in the tub. You’re making a direct statement to your Self that you are worth loving. Take enough of these new actions and you’ll transform into a habitually outrageous, consistently courageous rock star. The necklace of your life is built one bead at a time, right here and now.

Finally Comment

Hell yes you can fit this program into your busy life. You already grocery shop, think, eat, make meals, and do stuff all day long anyway. We are just reorganizing and refocusing your same actions in a different way to get you the results you want. Also, you were born to be real, not perfect, so do what you can. Even small changes will make a big difference. Here’s how to organize yourself each day and reallocate your energy to get the most out of the program.

Get ready to throw out those pasty, fat-free cookies, and throw a wine and cheese party instead. A truly balanced diet can look much different from what we may have been taught. I’m not selling you a remove-this, restrict that diet—one that’s dull as dust and tastes about as good. When it comes to helping your body help itself to look strong and feel alive rather than exhausted, going to extremes in any way is not the answer. I don’t like saying “no” forever to things I enjoy just to have a nice ass. I believe that you’re eating plan should give you a head-swiveling outer form but also make you feel energized and inspired inside. Visit for more educational information.

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