Introducing the Kubet bookie – Kubet77

Introducing the Kubet bookie – Kubet77

What is THABET brand name?

THABETTHA Casino is the leading online bookmaker on present market. It is considered the number 1 brand in this industry all over the world. More than that, with more than 1 million users across Asia, the bookie is remarked as the worthy playground for any players.

To achieve this results, the bookmaker has run its business with the code of “always be pretigious”. Besides, to loyal players, all accounts owned by them are always absolutely confidential. The THABET Asia  bookie desires to bring the most perfect experience to their users.

Is the THABET bookie reputable?

THABET is licensed and operated by PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) – Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. This is an organization that manages all the betting business activities under the government office and directly ordered by the president of the Philippines.

Because the bookie’s head office is located in the Philippines, all activities of them such as: server system, software, internet structure, customer care activities and other related services are operated under the supervision of THABET as well as closely monitored by the host country government.

Now with millions of members across Asia, THA can be proud of being the leading entertainment company in terms of quality and prestige. To be specific, they always persist in upholding the motto SAFETY – TRANSPARENCY – FAIR, and this is the reason why it can be the Asia’s most famous online entertainment brand.

What is THABET?

Many of players have reflected that they often see many names such as THA, THABET77, THABET asia, … and wondered what these names are? Are these bookies related to THABET? Are they mimicking the THABET brand name?.

Don’t be afraid because these names are all different names of the THA house. And especially, THABET is the name that is known by many people as the official agent of THA in Vietnam market.

Due to the fact that THABET is a large bookie with a high number of users, this bookie has built many access links for customers in order to avoid server overload and help users to have a better connection without affecting the betting process.

Therefore, every time players access the THA house, the system will automatically redirect users to different servers in the most reasonable way. You can be assured that these are all the official links of this bookie.

The best features of THABET

Due to the greatest experience it can provide, has the most online players. So, what exactly are they?

  • A website that is intuitive, appealing, and simple to use.
  • User-friendly and low-capacity phone app.
  • Players’ information is kept completely private.
  • Simple deposit/withdrawal method.
  • There is a lot of promotion: the more you play, the more money you make.
  • Incentives for top players on a monthly and quarterly basis.
  • The greatest customer service will address all of your concerns 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our precious promotional campaigns

There are standard THABET house marketing programs that apply to all players, as well as unique programs that apply solely to certain themes. So, in order to earn the right award, please read the regulations attentively.

  • 38 percent new season bonus (used for a two-month season)
  • 100% immediate bonus on first deposit
  • Instant 50% bonus on second deposit
  • 15% daily top-up
  • Epic awards for the top 1 monthly top-up
  • Up to 0.9 percent Sports Cashback
  • 0.88 percent Weekend Sports Rebate
  • 50 percent Parlay Bet Refund
  • 0.25 percent Lottery Refund
  • Extra bonus for successive Baccarat wins
  • 0.6 percent Baccarat Rebate
  • 100 percent cashback for casual card games
  • 0.8 percent Slot Game Cashback
  • Promotion of fortunate sports betting tickets
  • A fantastic birthday present giveaway
  • 0.25 percent cockfight refund
  • Bonus for cockfight victories in a row

Is THABET a trustworthy company?

What do you consider to be a trustworthy bookmaker? Some players define prestige as:

  • Having a lawful company registration
  • Not having been engaged in any scams POTS
  • Support for quick deposits and withdrawals

If that’s what you’re searching for in a trustworthy bookie, then THABET is the place to be.

To begin, the home THABET is a legally registered business in Phillipines, and it is recognized by this agency as a prominent – high-quality – transparent playground.

Second, for all transactions between players and the house, THABET invests in a customer information security policy and uses advanced encryption technology. We pledge not to share any player information with any third parties, including the government.

Finally, THABET offers a variety of payment options and is affiliated with a number of banks. The deposit and withdrawal process at this site is exceptionally straightforward and quick, requiring no information verification or the submission of additional papers. The transaction will take roughly 10-30 minutes and may be completed at any time of day.


THABET was designed with the sole intention of providing every participant with a joyful and life-changing experience. Playing with us means that all of the benefits are yours and yours alone.

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