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The definition

FB88 has appeared in the Vietnamese online entertainment market since 2016. The presence of this European bookmaker brand has brought a new breeze to the Vietnamese betting market. In particular, since its launch, this bookmaker has received much enthusiastic support from the Vietnamese gamer community. It can be said that fb88 is now one of the most developed brands in the global betting market.

Overview of fb88

We are slowly implying our position in the online betting market. With many efforts from the fb88 team, the bookmaker has provided almost players with a wide variety of betting products.

With the motto of putting players’ sakes first, FB88 bookie always tries its best to give players the most fascinating gaming experience. In particular, the bookie provides a very realistic betting platform and when participating in this online gambling platform, players will not be able to distinguish whether they are participating online or participating directly at a casino in real life.

Moreover, the bookmaker offers a very transparent and safe playing platform. To ensure that, there will not be any fraud that affects the interests of all members of the bookmaker.

The attraction of the FB88 brand

What makes the brand so attractive? Below are the factors that customers are most interested in during their playing time.

Fascinating interface

The bookie’s interface is always highly appreciated by the users because its modern and luxurious design as well as being very friendly to users. More than that, the layout is neatly arranged as each item is organized by an individual theme. That is not to mention the specificity of the fb88 logo image, which is both simple and sophisticated. This logo design makes it easy for users to access and manipulate the main interface.

Licensed to operate legally

The bookie was officially operated in 2016 and legally licensed by the leading entertainment agency in the Philippines – PAGCOR. This is one of the most reputable and quality betting licensing organizations that is available in the current period. As a consequence, any bookmaker licensed by this organization is required to go through rigorous testing for each of the betting products.

At the same time, the bookmaker must also commit and ensure the accuracy of the player’s rewards. To be qualified, that bookie must remain safety for all participants in the betting process. So, when players participate in betting at FB88, they can bet with peace of mind.

Long history

FB88 bookmaker has officially operated in Vietnam since 2016. Up to now, the bookie has earned nearly 6 years of experience in the betting business. It can be said that online betting is a fertile market that any bookie wants to develop and FB88 has nailed it.

Facing the birth of many different brands, they still maintain their operating form. Not only that, but they are also attracting more and more players as time goes on. It can be said that this bookie has won the trust of most gamblers in the market. The long operating time in the betting market is enough to prove that this is an extremely reputable and transparent betting brand.

Abundant games

FB88 is proud to be the bookie that provides the most diverse and exciting game store on the market today. The products of this bookmaker are regularly updated to enrich the player’s experience.

Not only providing game products that are popular in the market, but the bookie is also providing the most unique and novel game products in the international gambling market. Thanks to that, the game store of FB88 is increasingly richer and more diverse.

Fast transaction speed

FB88 commits to solving all members’ complaints of delayed deposits and withdrawals in the shortest time. Whether it’s weekends or holidays, the bookie will ensure that all customer transactions are continuous and will be processed without any delay. If players find that their transaction time is longer or delayed, please contact the dealer immediately for timely processing.

Smooth and compact mobile app

Fb88’s application supports players to play on both phones and other smart devices. The application is designed with moderate size, ensuring you can download it easily and quickly. Moreover, the app also has a smooth-running interface, fast access speed, and requires very little maintenance. The fb88’s technical teams always try to make sure players will have the best user experience with the mobile app.

Customer care service is available 24/7

Fb88’s customer care team is available 24/7. They work in many regions and have representative offices in a lot of different countries. Not only that, the bookie’s staff are most well-trained and professional. They have the responsibility to make sure all players’ questions will be resolved with the most enthusiastic and thoughtful attitude.

Secured player information

FB88’s security system has been licensed to operate in any regions. This advanced information security system is moderated from the most prestigious agency and organization in the world.

Furthermore, it uses the most advanced techniques to ensure absolute safety for all members. The bookmaker always follows the necessary confidentiality procedures which including data backup, encryption methods for backup data and access control, … In addition, the 5-level security system with 128-bit SSL encryption technology will be the best advantage that no other bookie will have. With this, the Fb88 bookie ensures the privacy for all members when participating in betting here.

High winning rate and commission levels

The bookie not only offers impressive treasure troves of betting games with a variety of attractive betting products but also gives users a chance to be their partners. What also attracts players is the extremely high winning rate with a huge chance of winning and many players have participated in betting on FB88 has won many valuable prizes. When a player invite their friends to play in FB88, they will gain a commission and this level of commission will rise as more and more new accounts are created.


FB88 is a reputable bookie and has received a lot of appreciation from various players and experts. You could take a look to bookie fcb8. When betting in fcb8, players will have the opportunity to receive the best rewards with extremely high earning rate and a solid security system. Please make sure you can take part in the safest and most transparent betting platform.

Above are the most detailed introductory information about fb88 and fcb8 – the leading soccer bookmaker in Asia. We wish you all to have the most fun and wonderful experiences with us.

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