Lixi88 is currently a famous bookie in the field of online betting games. This bookie has attracted a large number of members thanks to their excellent products and services along with many advantages that other bookies do not possess. Let’s learn more about lixi88 through the article below!


Lixi88 bookie is very popular and prestigious in the online gambling markets, especially in Vietnam. The bookie specializes in operating and providing many forms of online betting games with many advanced technologies and superior customer service.

This bookie is operating legally in the Philippines and has a legit license issued by PAGCOR (Philippine Games and Entertainment Corporation) as well as the government’s gaming supervision agency.

Besides, this bookmaker is built on the foundation of the online gaming experience. Therefore, they always bring the most attractive games and the most prestigious and diverse online betting genres.

Our partners

Since Lixi88 was founded by PAGCOR, it has shown the professionalism and innovation. We have huge investment funds from famous international organizations and entertainment groups such as: ASEANLOTO, IBC, SBO, BBIN, CMD, Playtech, Ebet, Evolution and so on. They are always good at investing money in various projects to completly improved and quickly became an international standard game company with a large scale of operations.

Especially, when LIXI88 and loto188 cooperate with ASEANLOTO to jointly develop entertainment game products, players can totally assured that there is no profiteering here. If a violation is found, the bookie will have full responsibilty of it to ensure a fair and healthy betting environment.

Our most prominent advantages

Outstanding interface

Lixi88 is now operating on a highest quality business system with a beautifully designed and sharp interface. More than that, the sound of website is lively and realistic. Last but not least, the website also has a reasonable, scientific and easy-to-see layout that guaranteed to make you satisfied at first sight.

Therefore, lixi88 is considered as an online lottery website with a friendly interface, easy to play and easy to win. When participating in the game here, player will definitely have the most extreme experience.

Legally licensed

We are one of the most reputable online lottery bookmakers in Southeast Asia today. We can operate legally in the Philippines thanks to the license from PAGCOR (Philippine Games and Entertainment Joint Stock Company) – the government agency that regulates gaming activities in this prosperous nation. Furthermore, we also have many years of experience in this field. That is the reason why we can commit to bring you the most prestigious and quality online betting experience.

Long time activities

Established in 2018, Lixi88 is known by many players for its attractive activities. This place has a team of experts with many years of experience in the field of lottery betting and is known by many professional players. Besides, the game system is rich and diverse that will be suitable for all ages and interests.

Simple and fast registration and login

When players want to join the gaming portal, they just have to follow a few simple steps to register and log in online. It only takes a few minutes and bettors can create their own account at the bookie’s website. After that, they are free to bet with all of their passion.

Variety of betting games

The house owns an extremely rich and diverse betting game store. The current popular games on lixi88 are online lottery, sports betting, live casino, lotto, card game, cock fighting, shooting fish, exploding jars and so on. In each betting product line, there is a separated supporting team that cares about all of players’ concerns. In short, we are currently thousands of different betting products for players to choose.

If you are a true betting fanatic, surely Lixi88 gaming portal will satisfy you in all aspects from the design interface to the quality of the game content. Remember that the house will never disappoint its members.

High odds

Lixi88 is one of the few bookies with the highest odds today. The active winning rate of lottery has an exchange rate from 1 to 98. On the other hand, agent commissions are always as high as 40%. This has successfully attracted thousands of players to join in the partner program.

Smooth mobile application on both iOS and Android

To provide a modern experience for registered bettors, the Lixi88 bookmaker can be accessed through a mobile application version that could be easily downloaded from the website. Just look for the phone icon on the homepage and it will lead you to a link that allow you to download the lixi88 app.

Moreover, installing the Lixi88 app is easy because we are available for users on both Android and iOS operating systems. The layout of the app is simpler and can be customized for smaller screens. So, you can see all the graphics clearly and control the game with buttons that fit the size of your fingers.

24/7 customer support service

Lixi88 bookmaker has a team of professional and highly qualified consultants. They will support to all players’ concern and answer all of their questions with a quick speed and high accuracy. The customer care department is always ready to serve customers 24 hours per day and commit to make everyone satisfied. In here, all questions from customers will be answered and resolved thoroughly.

If you have any questions, you can easily require for online support through popular channels such as: lixi88 switchboard hotline, web chat box, email and zalo application.

Fast deposit and withdrawal

When playing at Lixi88 bookie, you do not need to worry about money or payment transactions, including deposits and withdrawals. This bookmaker always ensures the fastest and safest payment for players.

We cooperates with famous banks such as BIDV, VP Bank, Dong A Bank, Techcombank, ACB, MBBank and so on. When players want to make a request to deposit funds into their accounts, the amount will be updated automatically and very accurately after a few seconds. Besides, the diverse payment process allows players to experience the fastest, most convenient and easiest payment method.

Privacy of personal information at lixi88

Lixi88 has a team of highly qualified software technicians and IT staffs. In addition, the security system is currently using high-quality OTP codes to Create a strong and unbreakable firewall. We can assure that when playing at ou website, players can comfortably entertain without worrying about any problems.

We are always aware that user privacy is sacrosanct. Therefore, the house always keeps all players data safe and secured. We commit to store and protect all user’s personal data and will not disclose this information to any third parties unless required by law enforcement or court.

The website is secured using the 128-bit SSL protocol provided by Comodo so no one can hack into the user’s personal information or payment information.


We have provided you all information you need about lixi88 bookmaker. Beside that, you could have a look at brand debet. We hope that this piece of information will make you feel safe when playing at our website. All of our activities are for the sakes of players and we wish that luck will be on your side.

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