Introduction of Linknhacaivip - The place to give you all information about bookies

Introduction of Linknhacaivip – The place to give you all information about bookies

Are prestigious bookies dynamic new casinos, always keeping up with market trends? Not exactly, the fact is that there are many standards to evaluate a quality bookie, but how can new players know about these standards or these criteria? This article will give you a place to read all information about.

General information about Linknhacaivip

Linknhacaivip provides objective reviews for online casinos and bookies on the Vietnamese market.

Here, new players from all regions of Viet Nam can find all the general information, analysis, and scam revealing to have the best choice before deciding to play online betting.

Linknhacaivip believes that no matter which criteria is based on, a good bookie needs to revolve around the only factor that is to serve the players perfectly.

In this site’s opinion, a reputable bookie can provide members with a safe place to play with quality entertainment products, the best customer service, and achieve absolute satisfaction from players.

It will not only be based on the new or old house factor to evaluate but the reputable bookie will be based on the customer satisfaction scale to be evaluated.

The prestigious betting house must be the most trusted and sought-after name in the market.

Vision of Linknhacaivip

Linknhacaivip was established right at the time when the gambling market was more vibrant than ever.

It has received positive feedback and love from a large number of users. This website is not a bookie and does not provide betting services, but it is a destination that everyone must definitely visit.

We bring the most honest reviews of bookmakers on the market and organize surveys to ensure the fairest and most trustworthy.

It can be said that, if new gamblers want to find an ideal playground but they simply do not know where to search for or they feel that the bookies they choose are not suitable, then go to the Linknhacaivip, this place will help players get the correct answer.

Realizing that the local online betting market is very exciting but there are many scams, this site decided to take advantage of this problem.

Not going into providing online playing services, Linknhacaivip focuses on reviewing betting platforms or any bookmaker work on this market.

They believe that their reviews will help players know what a trustworthy bookie is and where a scam is.

With the best preparation in technology, system, personnel, and dedication, this site believes to bring the fairest analysis to every player.

Mission of Linknhacaivip

With the desire to become the number 1 bookie review website in Vietnam, Linknhacaivip always aims to take the user’s experience as the top criterion.

Good bookie always strives to update the latest and most accurate information about the bookie’s promotions so that players have a superior choice.

In addition, this site will also follow the hot spots in the market to provide fair analysis and conclusions for both the player and the house.

Many cases of wrongdoing have been clarified by this team and players have also been provided with more experience to choose from.

Why should you choose Linknhacaivip?

There are many review sites but why is Linknhacaivip the top no.1 name voted by the community?

That is because this website brings practical values, understands the players’ wishes, and is always fair and honest with their evaluations.

In addition, the site is constantly trying to improve to prove that the trust of the players is completely right.

Especially, this site will always strive to fulfill its goals and mission through specific actions such as:

  • Conduct surveys on the reputation of all bookies in the local market.
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of online casinos.
  • Bringing the latest rumor about the betting house and in-depth analysis to find out the truth for players.
  • Advice on how to choose a reputable online bookie.
  • Advise players to identify typical casino scams and tricks.
  • Create a place where players can freely voice their opinions, evaluate, and share their own experiences.
  • Introduction to good online betting bookmakers.
  • Committed to protecting user identity.
  • Provide a smooth playing experience for rookies.
  • No fees are charged, and all information is free to read
  • Does not require downloading the app or running spam ads that inhibit users.

With a team of hundreds of employees, Linknhacaivip’s team will do its best to update the information as quickly as possible.

This site is looking forward to receiving players’ comments to grow stronger and more perfect.

Top bookmakers at Linknhacaivip

In the next part, there is some top bookmaker recommended by Linknhacaivip. They are big names not only in the local market but also worldwide.

BK8 – Asia’s leading prestigious bookmaker

BK8 is an online betting site which is based in Malta. This bookmaker operates under a license issued by the government of this country.

Before entering Vietnam, BK8 was established in 2015 and began to expand into the Asian market, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Finally, in 2017, it was officially presented in Vietnam and offered players in Vietnam many attractive games with diverse origins from West to East.

All games can be exchanged for real money with many deposit and withdrawal methods.

Both new players and existing players have the opportunity to receive many valuable rewards through great promotions.

The games categories of BK8 are also diverse, although they are a bookie primarily famous for sports betting.

This is a place where players can find hundreds of different betting odds for many big and small tournaments and thousands of gambling games.

In a comprehensive assessment of this bookie, Bk8 scores the maximum score for reputation and fairness. At the same time, it has a diversity of game categories and promotions.

me88 is an online casino which originates from the Philippines and operates in the legal gambling business with a license issued by the gambling and entertainment regulator (also called PAGCOR).

This bookie is also certified by BMM (a private organization that has been sustainably operating since 1981) with the crucial function of controlling and confirming the transparency and honesty of real money exchange games.

For those who do not know, PAGCOR is an agency controlled by the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines. BMM is an accredited agency in more than 400 jurisdictions, with 14 representative offices in more than 13 countries globally.

TST Global and BMM co-supports to control and ensure fair and honest results in online gambling.

The appearance of a third party has successfully built a solid trust and proved the results of the betting games are fair for the players.

More than that, it provides many attractive bonus programs. Customers are easily satisfied with a responsive customer support team.


In terms of safety and prestige, Bet888 is the name that is currently at the top of the most popular online bookmakers. In addition to that point, what does this site have? Any other points they do not have?

Bet888 is an online bookie with headquarters currently located in the capital of the Philippines. In today’s market, this is considered to be the leading online betting house.

This playing spot is well known in the global market for providing a lot of the top products and services. Therefore, no professional online betting player does not have an account at this bookie.

Before appearing in Vietnam, this bookie has built a brand name in many markets around Asia.

Currently, the number of players with this brand name in China, Singapore, the Philippines, and Taiwan … is extremely large. With its influence, it is likely that bet888  will develop further in the near future.


This is the website address that provides the most optimal betting products on the market today.

This is the place where players can have the most satisfying experience. Let’s see if this bookie is your ideal destination.

Yo88 is an online betting platform providing attractive online entertainment products in the market.

Initially, it just provided 3D gambling games that were attractive and highly entertaining with competitive bonuses.

However, following the trend of the market, this bookie has integrated a lot of quality entertainment products.

Especially the live feature on site (from international casinos or football betting) is introduced.

Currently, this game portal also provides players with various betting odds with improvements in quality. Live casino’s interface is improved every day so that the players’ experiences are always optimal.


This bookie is a new online betting site that started to operate in Vietnam in 2019. However, in the world market, this brand name has grown well in more than 10 countries, running from all over Europe to Asia.

This bookie operates under a license issued by the Isle of Man organization. It is worth noting that this is a territory in the British Isles.

With this license, along with an important commitment from the Betting Supervision Commission established in 1962, this bookie ensures to provide customers a stable online betting address.

This site also well protects the rights and interests of players in every country it goes through.

Fa88 offers new players a simple but attractive entertainment method, a place for fans of the exploding slot game series to show off their talents.

In terms of game suppliers, this brand name works well with many game providers who are famous worldwide. This bookie is operating online legally with a full license.

Here, players can get a better experience with high-qualified slots games which come in many forms and interfaces as well as topics and themes.

With Linknhacaivip, new players can find the most suitable bookie to play with. Although it has just been established or well established before, this site can give players the best name.

All reviews are based on observation of players. This site can also help bookies see their advantages and disadvantages. So that the not-so-good bookie can improve the quality in many aspects such as payment methods, interface, odds, and game store to better serve their players.

Therefore, if you are a new player and would like to look for a place to present all truthful information about online bookmakers, please come to Linknhacaivip to get help from the experts.

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