Is 188bet reputable? Is 188bet a scam? – Part 1

188bet casino has built a reputation in the online betting industry over many years. However, a lot of newcomers still consider whether 188bet casino is reputable and the card games on 188bet casino are attractive. In this article, we will answer all questions about the transparency of the 188bet casino.

General introduction of 188bet casino

Currently, the number of players participating in the online 188bet casino is becoming larger and larger. Therefore, the competition between bookmakers in the Vietnamese market is becoming more intense than ever. But thanks to this, 188bet has the motivation to improve service quality. Because only when players feel satisfied can they have a solid position in the market.

In addition, 188bet casino is also one of the few bookies licensed to operate legally in many territories around the world. Besides, if you become a member of the 188bet casino, you will also enjoy many attractive incentives and services from this bookmaker. In particular, the information security system is extremely modern. Therefore, when you play here, you don’t have to worry about any problems.

Hence, general information above can prove that 188bet casino is a reputable and not a scam casino. In addition, the bookmaker was scanned by the C5 cybercrime prevention force because Vietnamese law has not really recognized betting forms. That is the reason why players can trust 188bet casino completely tạo tài khoản 188bet.

Is 188bet reputable? The advantages of 188bet casino

Based on the details to help identify a fraudulent bookmaker, let’s find the answer to the question whether 188bet casino is reputable.

License from the legal representative and headquarters

In the Philippines, there is an organization that specializes in managing online betting companies and activities and casinos under the government office. This organization is called PAGCOR, which is managed by the president of this country. 188bet casino has been licensed by this organization. Nowadays, there are many reputable bookmakers in the Asian market that are licensed by PAGCOR.

Simple, fast, and transparent deposit and withdrawal

Withdrawal and deposit are the two most accurate ways to identify a scam casino. The sign of fraud is that the operations are ambiguous or after a few times cannot withdraw the money. This shows that you have lost money and met a fraudulent bookmaker. The following analysis about the trading method of 188bet casino will answer the question of whether this bookmaker is reputable.

Top up on 188bet account

188bet casino only accepts one account per person. In addition, that account is confirmed by identity card. This process avoids fake accounts to steal player money. 188bet casino currently supports many different deposit methods for players.

Withdrawal from 188bet account

At the 188bet casino, you only need to play a few rounds to be eligible for withdrawal. There are a lot of cases where you just play for free and the 188bet casino doesn’t allow you to withdraw money. This is also the reason for the scam rumors.

In addition, for online bookmakers, website maintenance will take place regularly. This is the normal operation of the 188bet casino. You can rest assured because the website will usually work normally after a while.

We have never received a complaint from players about the deposit and withdrawal system of 188bet. When you encounter a situation where your account is locked, please contact 188bet directly to open your account.

To be continued…

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