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Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most professional Portuguese footballers is a forward in the premier league club Manchester United. He is best known for his amazing football skills and physique. With amazing records and accolades, he has been termed the most prestigious and popular football player in history. The discipline and dedication with which he plays have been commemorated by the players, coaches, and fans all around the world. Playing for Manchester United in the Europa League match, he has been able to showcase amazing skills that can be seen on Cakhiatv.

All the latest news has been listed below that fans and viewers can read about the player;

  1. Dry spell in Europa League matches from Ronaldo:

Termed as one of the most prestigious players for the Manchester United team with 24 goals scored by him last season, Ronaldo is somewhat going through a dry patch this season. Playing as a forward, the 37 old players has not been able to score a single goal for his team. Within 90 minutes he wasn’t able to shoot a goal and therefore the team coach is thinking of moving him to the bench in the next game. However, despite the immense faith in his skills and citing the lack of preseason training as one of the reasons for scoring low, Erik Ten Hag, the manager of Man Utd is confident and wishes for his presence in the Man United starting XI.

  1. C. Ronaldo pays tribute to Queen:

On the recent demise of Queen Elizabeth ||, C. Ronaldo showed his immense grief for the great loss. He and his teammates started the match against Real Sociedad by observing a minute’s silence. He even wrote a heartfelt note on Instagram for the Queen and the loss Britain is bearing.

  1. Praise from Antony, the new signing for the team:

Antony, the new player signed up by the Manchester United team is all praises for his teammate C. Ronaldo. He has shown the immense love and praise he holds for Ronaldo. He admires Ronaldo and wishes to learn from him in the limited time possible.

  1. Criticism for posting a picture with Jordan Peterson on Instagram:
  2. Ronaldo has been criticized for posting a picture with Right-wing psychologist Jordan Peterson on Instagram. Due to his remarks and views on various controversial topics like the Transgender community and vaccinations for COVID -19, Jordan Peterson has been a part of immense scrutiny and criticism. Ronaldo posted a picture of himself with the psychologist and termed him a good friend. This led to a lot of backlash and criticism at the hands of his fans and people online.
  3. Loss against Real Sociedad:

Manchester United was defeated on Thursday by Real Sociedad without scoring a single point against their opponents. Christian Ronaldo, the team’s forward player, and the striker were not able to ensure a single point for the team. His lacklustre performance and failure to score a point have led to the point of deciding whether or not to include him in further matches. He has certainly lost his edge and his fans fear whether he will accompany his team members in future matches in the Europa league.

Whether or not Christian Ronaldo will premier league live is still a debate, however, his past performance and records cannot be turned a blind eye. He has been able to showcase a world-class performance in his previous matches and will surely be able to perform better in the future. Undoubtedly, he is one of the most prestigious and skilled football players who have been able to perform with complete efficiency for his team members throughout the years.

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