Looking for Guaranteed Placements? Read this!

A job guarantee is a promise made by an educational institution that if you attend and complete their program, you will be able to find work in a reasonable amount of time (typically within a few months) using the skills and knowledge you gained there.

In most cases, these educational institutions have close relationships with various market participants who offer available positions for recent graduates and work closely together.

When we look at the websites of various programming schools, we find that the term “job guarantee” can mean multiple things.

Jobs at the organisations that the school collaborates with, tuition reductions, etc.

Students attending these schools must pay a significantly lower tuition rate in exchange for the promise that they will accept a position provided by one of the institution’s affiliated businesses.

In actual practice, this can also mean that individuals who accept the job offer made by a partner company of the school can pay half of the course cost or even less than that total amount. If a student does not accept a job offer from one of the partner companies at the end of the course, they will be required to pay an additional fee. This scenario can also play out in the opposite direction.

This type of guaranteed placement can be compared to prospective employers paying for the student’s education in exchange for a promise from the students that they will work for the employers after completing the program.

When looking for a job with a guarantee, there are some things to consider.

Those who “want to play it safe,” also known as those who want a secure job that pays well, may want to consider enrolling in a program that guarantees them a job after completing it.

However, we must also consider that if we opt for a job guarantee program, our selection of available jobs will be more limited, and we will be required to accept the position that is presented to us.

The educational institution and the employer are responsible for establishing the terms (such as the required time spent at a particular workplace, the minimum wage, etc.). The employee is obligated to comply with these terms.

You shouldn’t accept these job guarantee offers if you want the freedom to choose from the full range of jobs available on the market and don’t like the constraints imposed by these offers.

Naturally, the training institutions can provide these guarantees because, due to their network of contracts and educational standards, most of their graduates (often more than 95%) can be hired after completing the course.


To accomplish this, schools implement rigorous pre-screening procedures, during which they evaluate their students’ prior experience with java programming projects, English skills, intelligence, etc., and only admit students who are predicted to be able to successfully overcome the challenges presented by the course and have a good chance of finding employment.

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