Megarevo’s G2 Series: High-Efficiency Solar Storage Inverters with Versatile Compatibility

Megarevo‘s G2 Series is a cutting-edge line of solar storage inverters that offers exceptional performance and versatility. These inverters support multi-machine parallel connections, making them ideal for various energy storage applications. With compatibility for different battery types, such as lead-acid and lithium-ion, the G2 Series provides flexibility and can be tailored to specific project requirements.

Enhanced Flexibility with Multi-Machine Parallel Connection

The G2 Series solar storage inverters by Megarevo offer the convenience of multi-machine parallel connection. This feature enables seamless integration of multiple inverters, allowing for increased power capacity and scalability. With the ability to connect multiple units, customers have the flexibility to expand their energy storage system as their needs grow. This scalability ensures that the solar storage system can adapt to evolving energy demands, making the G2 Series an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Versatile Battery Compatibility and High Efficiency

Megarevo’s G2 Series solar storage inverters are designed to be compatible with various battery types, including lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. This compatibility enables customers to choose the battery technology that best suits their specific requirements and preferences. Whether it is the proven reliability of lead-acid batteries or the advanced performance of lithium-ion batteries, the G2 Series ensures seamless integration and optimal system performance. Additionally, with a maximum efficiency of ≥98%, these inverters deliver exceptional energy conversion, minimizing energy losses and maximizing overall system efficiency.


Megarevo’s G2 Series solar storage inverters stand out as versatile and high-performing solutions for energy storage applications. With the ability to support multi-machine parallel connections, these inverters provide enhanced flexibility and scalability.

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