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 New88 is a name that is attracting a large number of players to participate in the Vietnamese market in particular and the Southeast Asia region in general. With a huge number of games, diverse game content and quick ways to redeem rewards, New88 has become a reputable unit, winning the trust of customers in the market. In this article, we will together Home page New88 Let’s dig deeper into the information related to this house.

 New88 – Game portal with unlimited rewards

New88 which is famous as a game portal with a variety of game titles and diverse playing genres. That is why, right from its launch on the market, this bookmaker quickly made a big splash and attracted the attention of players in the market.

The house provides an entertainment space with a variety of superior features. Players can easily install to join this betting website on their phone or PC. Thanks to that, you can place bets in the halls of New88 anywhere, anytime with an Internet-connected device.

Officially launched by the publisher in September 2018. To date, the number of members registered at New88 has reached some extremely huge numbers that every online betting business unit in the market wants to have.

This number serves as a real testament to the reputable and trustworthy reward game portal. With many different game titles at New88, players can freely choose the game that best suits their interests and abilities.

Games at New88 Possesses simple, easy-to-understand gameplay and extremely high winning rate. You can download, learn and discover many special features in these game genres quickly. Every type of player on the market feels love right from the first experience.

Although it offers familiar slots and prizes, each game title at New88 all okdealer Optimize functions to become new and attractive. The information we share in the next sections will help you understand much more about this house.

Betting products at the game portal New88

In addition to games familiar to players on the market, New88 There are also many new bonus games that are loved by many players. The system of highly rated games by members is always in the TOP searches including:

  • Slot games with rewards: Tarzan, Fish Shooter, Sinsbas, Ice Age, Vampire, Zeus, Diamond
  • Online card games: Baccarat, Sam, 3 Cards, Dragon Tiger, Xoc Shock, Poker, Mau Binh, Tien Len.
  • Mini games: Sic Bo, Lottery, Candy, Racing, Lucky Animals, Heaven and Earth, Mini Poker

When participating in betting on products at New88, members will experience a series of wonderful events. Some of the most prominent events include:

  • Events X5, X6 every day
  • Supports top-up via Viettel, Vina, Mobile and automatic cardspromotion up to 30%.
  • Receive Gift CODE for new players to explode, mine game events take place continuously at the house.

List of outstanding weekly events offering great deals for players:

  • Event 2: X6 Mini Poker Jars
  • Event 3: X6 Jars of Sinbad
  • Event 4: X5 Zues Jars
  • Event 5: X6 Diamond Jars
  • Event 6: X6 Jars of Sinbad
  • Event 7: X6 Candy Jars
  • Divine Dragon Event: Applicable every day of the week
  • Heaven and Earth Infinity Event: Takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Tire Event: Takes place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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Outstanding advantages of the game portal New88

To be able to achieve current achievements, bookmaker New88 has constantly strived to listen to customer feedback to improve and develop the house’s services. Team New88 with thousands of employees who have worked non-stop since the house launched on the market until now.

Beautiful graphical interface

Design equipment and betting halls at the bookmaker New88 Impress players right from the first visit. Banners, images, logos, etc. are all designed extremely beautifully and attract players.

Theme of New88 Although simple, it makes players excited with the harmonious combination of colors. Vivid sound and images are both important factors that help players feel like they are immersed in real-life Casinos.

Strong transmission speed

LIVE New88, the case of interrupted betting games causing discomfort to players is completely absent. The house’s network is regularly updated and upgraded so that players have the smoothest experience while playing award-winning games.

Diverse promotional programs

As introduced above, promotions of New88 extremely diverse, held monthly, weekly and daily, especially on important holidays. Not only launching promotional packages to attract new players to register as members New88 Don’t forget to express gratitude to players who have been with the house for a long time.

Automatic review

This is one of the strong points New88 have been. Automating the reward review stages and automatically transferring money to the player’s account after just a few minutes of order matching has brought convenience in the transaction process. The approval rate up to now is 100%.

Diverse entertainment store

Games at New88 Not only are they diverse in terms of game weights, but they are also diverse in genres, ways of playing,… making them constantly make waves in the market. You can freely choose the games that interest you as well as test new games so you don’t get bored.

Diverse transaction methods

Reward mechanism of New88 is carried out through many different forms of transactions. Thanks to that, players can quickly deposit and withdraw rewards to immediately participate in betting.

Deposit and withdrawal channels that you can choose from include:

  • Scratch cards: You can choose scratch cards from all carriers issuing in Vietnam such as Viettel, Mobile, Vinaphone,… with many different denominations, ranging from 10,000 VND to 500,000 VND.
  • Transfer: Members can transfer coins between accounts freely and at extremely low fees.
  • Deposit – withdraw rewards through agents: New88 owns a system of 31 reputable agents located in all provinces and cities across the country. Through these agents, players can deposit money or withdraw rewards from their accounts quickly and safely.

Attentive customer service

Customer care staff at New88 are highly specialized people who are well-trained before entering the workplace. Thanks to that, all the players’ questions will be quickly answered by the house.

A large customer care staff system works in shifts, ensuring 24/7 availability to support customers as soon as needed. Despite working with high intensity, the consultants always maintain an enthusiastic and professional attitude.


This article has compiled all relevant information New88, hope you have had a comprehensive view of this prize exchange card game portal. Millions of players have participated and won valuable prizes. Register and join today at New88 Please!

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