Online Poker 101: Getting in the Right Mindset

As anyone more than a novice should be able to tell you, a huge part of poker is in the right mental state to play the game. Poker is a game where emotions run high, and you can go from a mountaintop to a valley with the turn of a card. To truly advance your game, you must learn to control your emotions and stay in the right mindset.

When playing a WPT poker tournament, you can win substantial cash prizes. The players who consistently finish in the money and make cash will also be the ones who have the right mental disposition at the tables. For those just new to the game or those who just need a refresher course, here are six tips to help you get your mind correct when playing online poker:

  1. Invest Time in Improving Your Game

This is true whether you are winning or losing, running good or running bad. The only way to get in and stay in the right mindset is to constantly study and learn, even if only for a few minutes per day.

  1. Don’t Put Too Much Stock in Other’s Advice

It is very important to listen to the input and options of others. However, it is also important to follow your own instincts about your game, where to play, and how to grow it.

  1. Stop Playing on Tilt

Nearly everybody goes on tilt, even the best of the best. There is no shame in admitting it. However, stubbornly refusing to admit you are steaming a little bit and immediately jumping into another WPT poker tournament without any cooling-off period makes it virtually impossible to play in the right mindset.

  1. Take the Time to Warm Up Properly

People never think about warming up in poker. Any other contest of any kind, physical or mental, would start with a few warm-ups and practice rounds. In poker, people jump right into competitive games. Try always playing a small sit-and-go or a freeroll to get your brain focused on the game.

  1. Don’t Play When Tired

This is one of the biggest mistakes that seem to carry on to the highest levels. The better a player gets, the more often he/she/they think they can overcome being tired with his their superior skill set. Don’t make this mistake.

  1. Stop Over-Thinking Your In-Game Moves

If you have reached the point where you trust your readers in any given situation, stop looking for reasons to talk yourself out of doing what you think you should. This only leads to frustration when you inevitably decide not to trust your gut, and you turn out to be right.

Why WPT Poker Tournaments Are a Great Place to Start

Playing online poker for great cash prizes is the best way to learn to play the game. The prizes are more than enough to make everybody take the game seriously. You get multiple daily opportunities to play in tourneys with nice payouts if you’re a decent player.

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