Ophthalmology CRO Solutions: Cyagen

An Ophthalmology Comprehensive Research organization (CRO) is a company that supports ophthalmology companies and organizations in the form of research, clinical trials and other services. Ophthalmology CRO can be large or small, many of which have a global reach. Services provided by an ophthalmic CRO may include, but are not limited to:

– Planning and management of clinical trials

– Recruiting patients for clinical trials

-Data collection and analysis

– Regulatory affairs support

-quality assurance

– Medical writing

As a comprehensive contract research organization (CRO) solution provider, Cyagen recognizes ophthalmic diseases as a breakthrough point for gene therapy and has established an ophthalmic gene therapy platform to overcome the above obstacles.

Cyagen can provide invaluable support to an ophthalmology company or organization in conducting clinical trials efficiently and effectively.

Founded in 2006, Cyagen is an innovative CRO company that uses data, algorithms and models to accelerate the research and development of new drugs. Based on animal models and combined with an in-depth exploration in artificial intelligence, Saiye Bio is at the forefront of the industry in the field of gene editing animal models, from the animal model resource library, model customization, breeding, sterile mouse technical services to phenotype function verification, all-round intelligent to meet the needs of customers in the field of basic research and new drug research and development of animal models.

Have questions or need help with your ophthalmology development program? Cyagen can provide a one-stop solution for preclinical ophthalmic research, you can contact Cyagen directly

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