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New players frequently ask the following questions while learning about the 6623 VN house. Our specialists will respond in order for you to have a deeper understanding of this online entertainment playground.

1. Is the 6623vn bookmaker a rip-off?

The bookmaker has more than 20 years of experience in the Vietnamese betting business, as well as Asia in general. Every day, the house draws hundreds of new members who want to be a part of the world of safe and fascinating online entertainment. So, with such a clear business, do you think there’s a danger the bookmaker would cheat and swindle players?

Of course, the answer will be no; the bookmaker never defrauds customers or treats them badly. So, any information or rumors claiming 6623VN is a fraud are completely false and erroneous.

This occurs occasionally because some players are unfamiliar with the bookie’s betting regulations and draw erroneous conclusions about us. This will put them in the position of breaking the house’s rules, stopping them from withdrawing money or, even worse, locking their gaming account for good. The gamers grew enraged and accused the house of defrauding them of their money.

This is the backstory of any rumors about us. Please do not rush to criticize or remark; instead, test our services for yourself and return here later.

2. Is it feasible to open several 6623VN accounts?

A member can only have one betting account, one personal information profile, one bank account, one personal email, and one phone number, according to the bookie’s rules. It is regarded an invalid act if a player attempts to establish several betting accounts using the same personal information. Accounts that share this information will eventually be found by the bookie, and members will no longer be able to create new accounts.

You can still open two or more betting accounts provided you obtain permission from a friend or family member. The bookmaker will accept the two accounts as two independent members as long as their information is absolutely different. For instance, the first account utilizes your personal information, while the second account uses your brother/sister/family member’s information.

However, if two accounts utilize the same IP address to access the playing platform, there is a risk they may be prohibited. The bookmaker’s technology can easily discover several betting accounts if you do this. As a result, your account is often confirmed, which has an impact on the betting procedure and your gaming experience. As a result, we still advise each player to open only one betting account.

3. What types of payment does 6623VN accept?

The casino now accepts a variety of payment options from players. They are:

Online transfer (Internet Banking), Quick Pay, Game Card, Zgold Pay, Phone card, Momo Pay, and USDT deposits are all available.

Money can be withdrawn using a phone scratch card or a local bank account.

Players will enjoy the most convenient experience with us if they do their transactions using banking channels. We also advise gamers to use banks that are backed by the United States. As a result, the payment process will be quick and easy for everyone.

4. In which currencies does 6623VN accept wagers?

6623VN now allows users to wager in a variety of currencies, including VND. As a result, when wagering with their own money at the casino, gamblers may feel entirely secure.

5. Does 6623VN charge a fee for deposits and withdrawals?

When depositing and withdrawing money at the 6623VN house, players may be confident that the majority of transaction costs are waived. The following transactions will be charged by the house in just a few instances:

Phone scratch cards are used to recharge.

Deposits and withdrawals are made at a local bank that is not affiliated with the residence.

The majority of the transaction charge will be removed from your deposit or withdrawal to the bank. As a result, players should select the suitable transaction method to protect their funds.

Our most successful marketing campaigns

Our many promotional initiatives will, of course, be provided to you. Let’s examine each one to discover which one is best for you.

6623VN05 – Up to 800.000 VND weekly bonus

This reward will be updated every Tuesday without the participants having to take any further action. All you have to do is deposit at least 200.000 Vietnamese dong monthly and wager between 100.000.000 and 150.000.000 Vietnamese dong total.

KN01 – Our most prestigious deal

This is where you’ll get answers to all of your questions from our support team.

6623VN01- Up to 12.888.000 Vietnamese dongs in loss insurance

This might range from 68.000 to 12.888.000 Vietnamese dong, depending on your bet rate. This deal is only good for one day, and you must play at least one round to be eligible.

6623VN02- Becoming eligible for a prize of up to 588.000 Vietnamese dong

This award will be presented to all elderly members who have a winning or losing streak in AG, WM, DG, BBIN, MX, PT, and other lobbies. Any game that concludes in a tie or has a bet rate of less than 300 points will be disqualified. If you have a ten-game winning or losing streak, you will collect 588.000 Vietnamese dong.

6623VN03- You’ll earn a good payoff if you have a solid hand

A reward of 300.000 Vietnamese dong will be given to those who stake at least 200 points every round. This will appear once a day. To withdraw the money, you must play at least three more rounds.

6623VN04- Challengers are welcome

This promotion is open to players in the AG, WM, DG, MX, and PT lobbies. The minimum bet is 300 points, and ties and cancellations are not included. You might win up to 2.300.000 Vietnamese dong if you hit Dragon or Tiger.


6623VN is an excellent opportunity to better your life or just your view of internet entertainment. Join us for a wide range of international games and wagers. You will never be disappointed. It’s either now or never!

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