Revolutionizing Electrophysiology with Innovative Solutions

APT Medical is your trusted partner in Electrophysiology (EP), offering cutting-edge devices that revolutionize EP procedures. Their innovative solutions enhance precision, safety, and efficiency, delivering exceptional patient care.

About APT Medical

APT Medical, a leading manufacturer and supplier of EP and Vascular Intervention medical devices, is committed to advancing the interventional medical field by utilizing technologies and innovations.

Since its inception in 2002, APT Medical has consistently invested in Research and Development (R&D), laying the solid groundwork for its success in both technology advancement and market expansion. As an experienced medical manufacturing company, APT Medical has forged collaborations with clinicians, hospitals, and universities to foster the development of pioneering products and solutions that empower healthcare professionals to enhance patient care.

APT Medical’s ever-expanding product portfolio encompasses Electrophysiology, Cardiology, Peripheral, and Neurointervention, which constantly brings confidence to clinicians for tackling clinical challenges; with innovation in mind, APT Medical is dedicated to being a leader in the interventional field while protecting the health of humanity.

Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Needle and Sheath: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

Enhance safety and efficiency with the Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Needle and Sheath. Its stainless steel braided structure offers exceptional kink resistance, ensuring reliable performance during transseptal punctures. Smooth puncture transitions reduce complications and streamline the procedure.

Triguy™ Steerable Duo-decapolar Mapping Catheter: Accurate Diagnosis, Improved Outcomes

Achieve accurate diagnosis and improved outcomes with the Triguy™ Steerable Duo-decapolar Mapping Catheter. Featuring an MPD-L Off-set curve and 20 poles high-density mapping, it enables precise placement and mapping of accessory pathways. Versatile mapping capabilities cater to diverse clinical requirements.


Choose APT Medical to elevate your EP interventions. Their innovative devices, including Braidin™ Cross Transseptal Needle and Sheath, and Triguy™ Steerable Duo-decapolar Mapping Catheter, empower healthcare professionals for precision, safety, and efficiency in EP procedures.

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