Revolutionizing Lab Efficiency: The Impact of Tianlong’s GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Innovating within the sphere of molecular diagnostics, Tianlong’s GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extraction System offers unprecedented efficiency and flexibility. Recognized globally for its design and technological prowess, this system caters to the rigorous demands of modern laboratories with a setup that maximizes both throughput and accuracy, all while maintaining strict contamination controls.

Adaptive Design and Flexibility

The core of GeneFlex’s success lies in its adaptable design, utilizing rotary mixing technology to optimize nucleic acid extraction. Capable of configuring 16 x n different throughputs, GeneFlex is tailored to support a variety of project sizes simultaneously, ensuring efficient and interference-free operations. This flexibility is key for labs that handle diverse and voluminous testing demands, positioning Tianlong‘s system as a leader in scalable laboratory solutions.

Prestigious Recognition for Innovative Engineering

The design excellence of the GeneFlex system has been honored with the German Red Dot Design Award 2021, highlighting its blend of functionality and user-centric design. Such accolades not only affirm the system’s quality and reliability but also underscore Tianlong’s commitment to innovative solutions that enhance laboratory workflows and output.

Safety Features and User Accessibility

GeneFlex is engineered with an emphasis on safety and user experience. It incorporates an array of features such as UV lamps and HEPA filters to prevent contamination, and a user-friendly interface accessible via touch screen or mobile app. These characteristics ensure a safe, efficient, and adaptable environment, facilitating a seamless laboratory experience.


Tianlong’s GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extraction System is setting new standards in the field of molecular diagnostics. Through innovative design and robust functionality, it enhances lab operations globally, promising a future where laboratory efficiency and safety are paramount.

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