Revolutionizing the LED Display Industry with Cutting-Edge Solutions : BAKO

Since its establishment in November 2008, Shenzhen BAKO Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has been at the forefront of the LED display industry, revolutionizing visual communication with its innovative and high-quality products. As a leading LED display manufacturer, BAKO specializes in the research, development, production, sales, and solutions of LED display products, catering to diverse business needs across various sectors.

Three Major Business Segments

BAKO focuses on three major business segments: HD display, high-end rental, and creative commercial display. The company’s core product offerings include LED small pitch displays, high-end stage rental screens, outdoor LED advertising screens, conference all-in-one displays, and more. By continuously pushing the boundaries of technology and design, BAKO delivers state-of-the-art LED display solutions that empower businesses to captivate their audiences and enhance their visual communication strategies.

Rigorous Certifications and Authorizations

BAKO’s dedication to quality is evident through its rigorous certifications and authorizations. The company holds national patent certifications such as ISO9001:2015, CCC, CE, UL, FCC, ETL, BIS, ROHS, and others, ensuring that their products adhere to the highest industry standards. This commitment to quality not only guarantees the satisfaction of customers but also positions BAKO as a trusted and reliable provider of LED display solutions. Their products are highly regarded and are widely used in more than 30 provinces and cities within China, as well as exported to over 100 countries and regions globally.


Looking ahead, BAKO remains committed to being a leader in the visual integrated LED solutions of the new era. The company strives to create industrial characteristics, innovate business models, and continuously improve its products and services. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and understanding the evolving needs of businesses, BAKO is poised to shape the future of the LED display industry and redefine visual communication.

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