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V9bet regularly updates a number of top appealing sports betting goods today, with the objective of offering the most trusted address and the finest entertainment service to Vietnamese gamblers. So, in this article, we will introduce all of the V9bet’s great sports betting products.

And, to confirm again, by using V9bet, you will be able to engage in a variety of sports on a global scale. The bookmaker offers thrilling and unusual football matches to sports fans.

Football betting at V9bet

The most appealing and prominent sector is the football betting, indeed. At V9bet, players can choose almost every football leagues that are available at the moment. Do not worry if you are not fans of the big leagues from UK or Europe because V9bet provides all the available leagues at Asia, Africa and Americas.

Furthermore, every football match at V9bet  is livestreamed directly for bettors to follow without no lagging time. And the best feature is that V9bet also contains professionals comments as well as the full statistics of the match for the players to place their bets with the most logical backgrounds.

Lastly, the V9bet bookie offers all of today’s sports, not only football. Bettors will be able to pick from a variety of sports venues, thanks to the advent of a new trend, such as:

Saba Sport

Saba Sports is a well-known bookmaker whose name is well-liked by many gamers. Actually, Saba Sports is a long-term partner for V9bet, where sports events are updated on a daily and continuous basis.

United Gaming Corporation

United Gaming (abbreviated as UG) is renowned as an appealing online betting platform featuring several sorts of sports betting and of course, UG sportsbet being the most popular product among players.


CMD Sports owns a variety of popular sports items as well as livestreaming all big and minor tournament events in the world on a up-to-date basis. This is also one of the benefits that involving in defeating all opponents off this lobby.

V9bet’s most popular sports

You may select from the following sports at our bookie, which is known for its vast sports betting hall and numerous amazing bets:


Basketball is the second most popular sport at our bookie, and it is one of the most popular sports on the international market. Unlike other bookmakers, V9bet always pleases all players by investing equally in all sports and ensuring complete pleasure for everybody.

E-sport bet

Despite being young, the V9bet house’s E-sports are usually filled with popular games such as: Dota 2, CS:GO, PUBG, League of Legends and FIFA Online.

Players may wager on numerous popular events and a wide range of bets at V9bet’s Esport betting. Similar to football, you may place standard bets, team winner bets, match score bets, and so on.

Formula One racing

Aside from the well-known sports described above, many young gamblers like motor sports betting, especially those who are fans of Moto GP competitions. In fact, V9bet is one of the few bookmakers that has made a significant investment in the field of racing betting, with a number of popular events such as Grands Prix, MotorCross, SuperMotor, Dakar, Superscar World Championship…


There are so many exiciting sports that are available at V9bet for you to pick such as tennis, volleyball, table tennis, ice hockey, cricket, baseball, and badminton. After reading through this article, we hope you can pick your favourite sport and start your betting career right away.

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